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Thread: girl jeans?

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    Default girl jeans?

    I have always wondered this...why on girl jeans are their poclets so damn shallow??? I hate shallow pockets, I would love to have pockets deep enough to fit a small umbrella in. Why on girl jeans and shorts are the pockets so small???

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    Wear male jeans...You are a male, so it would make sense. Girls tend to store more in their purses than pockets.

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    Yeah, I'd say because they're probably more geared toward the way they look, rather than functionality.

    Guys have wallets, which they tend to keep in their pockets.

    Girls usually have a bag of sorts to carry their stuff in. ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    I do wear male jeans...Pojo
    Well you said you'd rather have pants where you could store an umbrella...So by that statement, one would assume you couldn't fit an umbrella into girl jeans. One way you would know that, is by trying for yourself >_>

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    As my friend said to me

    "Girl pants aren't made for functionality. They're made to look good. BEAUTY ISN'T PRACTICAL"

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    ew I hate big pockets. As long as I have just enough room for my ipod in one side, and my cellphone in the other, I'm good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluTack View Post
    Girls never uses pockets. Simple.
    Lies. Also, subject-verb disagreement. :3

    I like bigger pockets on my jeans, for my money and my cell phone and possibly my keys. But as long as those are covered, I'm good. I hardly ever carry a purse.

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