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    Well, I'm not planning on ordering anything just yet. What I'm planning to do is to wait until the holiday times, that way when my nosey mom asks what's in the packages, I can say they are presents and I can't show her.

    That being said, I'm looking for online stores that preferably have many different *B things. Like an all in one kind of store. I don't want to have to order from a bunch of different sites, because that would be too many packages coming, and I can only order so many "presents". What I'm looking for are diapers, plastic pants, onesies, NUK 5's, and maybe some other stuff.

    So...Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
    Cosy n Dry

    They have all that you mentioned
    100% second this. I'll get my Nuk from them. 5.50 pound flat shipping rate is amazing...and they have decent prices in the first place. Go to cosyndry.

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    They don't have a great disposable selection. Do they have discreet shipping? (I'm assuming they do)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    They don't have a great disposable selection. Do they have discreet shipping? (I'm assuming they do)
    disposables really need their own package anyways if your gonna order a significant amount... on the other hand explaining a case size package might be tough... but if you order a single pack along with other stuff thats gonna be a bigger package too...

    I would plan the diapers themselves as getting their own package and ordering from xpmedical or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    This is something I've wondered...How big is a case?
    X-Pluses full case about 13 x 20 x 12 contains 3 packs of 12 ea.

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    Molicare cases are HUGE but I tend to go to XP Medical for stuff like that (before I had cloth). Box is like a 20x20x20 or something crazy like that but also turned inside out to be plain brown cardboard instead of white with MOLICARE stamped on the side. Also Nanny Mags at CosyNDry is awsome, very easy to chat on email in the early morning (EST).

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