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Thread: Firecrackers

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    Default Firecrackers

    Well today I am planning to go buy firecrackers but I dont know if I should buy the black cat brand or TNT brand. Any suggestions?

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    Eh they're both probably made in the same Chinese sweat shop so i don't think it matters.

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    Your lucky, We jsut have bigger sparklers here in MN. Nothing we buy is allowed to go higher than like 5 feet or something

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    Heh I love NC for fireworks, but I can also go one county over if I really have to. Suburbia is boring but I stocked up a lot a few years ago.

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    I live in suburban MN but if I feel like going to buy some real firecrackers or fireworks I can go to Wisconsin. I would recommend Black Cats (from experience). But why not get something with a bigger bang?

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    Well sorry I havent posted yesterday but I decided to go with Black Cats and I also bought some M-1000's. Im not buying any fountains or artillery shells till the 3rd because I get too anxious and end up setting them all off lol.

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    I might fire off my potato cannon a few times, and maybe make an acetylene balloon or two depending on what kind of ordinance the neighbors are firing off on the 4th. Prolly drink some C2H5OH beverages, maybe even fire one up after the pyromania desists, and chill out in the hot tub with my lovely wife.

    Oh, BTW, I've been on vacation all week.

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    Get the Black Cats, they're better. Brand does matter, trust me. I lit both those brands side by side not too long ago, the cats won.

    However, if they have them, Texas Outlaws are the best. They may be called something different where you are, but they'll be in a red or yellow box with individual crackers inside. Those are among the best these days. I remember when Cherry Bombs and Silver Salutes could still be bought... man, I miss those... blow the crap out of anything. But thanks to some stupid kids who blew their arms off, they're illegal now. Pipe bombs are still possible though I don't recommend it unless your experienced. Me, I've actually made factory fireworks, so I understand the process well.

    Get sparklers too. Lot's of them. The ones with the wooden sticks, not the metal ones, they suck. You can tie them together tightly(leave one in the middle sticking up so you can light it safely) and when you light one, they all erupt into a giant fireball.

    Headbombs are freaking amazing if you can find those.

    I'll stop being a pyro now...

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