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Thread: Woah... now someone wants me attacked <please read this>

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    Exclamation Woah... now someone wants me attacked <please read this>

    I was threatened on my email address by [name removed], so I figured the forum should know since ya'll is like my family
    [name removed] Barnard to me

    show details 11:52 AM (4 hours ago)


    The only reason your going to get attacked is because you did not give my stuff back when I asked you to, I gave you time to return it and I was not bitching about it till you started saying "Oh I don't have it blah blah blah bullshit" Now your going to get your ass beat if you don't come up with my jump drive or one to replace it. I also find it funny that you want to stab me when I did nothing to you, its your fault raven and several other kids now want to hurt you not mine. If you had just given my jump drive back then this would not have happened.

    I am forwarding this info to the authoritys and the school resource officer, I think it is the best decision...

    I just needed to make this announcement...

    Moderator note: Please do not post real life information about people who are not members of this forum. They may not wish to be asscociated with this place and the activities discussed here, and Google will find just about anything, so we (the forum moderators / Moo) do not wish to get into legal trouble for it.
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    And we need to know this...because ???

    To be honest I'd say give the guy back his jumpdrive and stop threatening to stab wonder he wants to beat your @$$!

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    oy... kids...

    give 'im his stuff back... and don't threaten to stab someone...

    if you are gonna play with knives... just do it... making threats just leads to trouble...

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    It's hard to make a conclusion about this situation without knowing full details. To be brutally honest, it sounds from his e-mail, that it's your fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    if you are gonna play with knives... just do it... making threats just leads to trouble...
    Ok, first off...don't make threats, and definitely do not play with knives.

    In any case, the boy shouldn't be threatening you but did you take his stuff and not give it back? Because if so, you are to blame. If I let someone borrow my stuff and they didn't give it back, I would be mad as well, so I think he has a right, but I never read your email, so how about tell the whole story because this is lopsided.


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    it's weird how people get involved in this kind of crap and then act like they're totally innocent. i never had the slightest bit of trouble avoiding situations like this in school.

    even if you didn't actually do anything wrong, you might want to take a serious critical look at the sorts of people you hang out with and your general attitude toward incidents like this. frankly, the fact that you felt the need to inform the entire forum about this escapade makes me think you almost enjoy being involved in this sort of melodrama.

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    I just feel as if you all need to know whats going on with me, I just think of yall like my family..

    might as well close the thread now, I solved the issue over the phone

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    Wait... you have something of his that you didn't give back when he asked you to?

    Man, c'mon, that's just not cricket.

    Edit: Ahhh, I see you got it resolved. Probably ignore this post then. I had this topic open in a tab for over 40 minutes, so it wasn't updated when I got to read it. :P

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    he left the item in my house and I didnt know it until raven started bitchin' at me for it, so im like 'alright, wtf' and she gets mad cause I cussed so I was like 'back off' then it ended up with her posse being informed with this stuff and lies, it ends up with him sending me this email, I didnt threaten him with a knife, that was misconception, he likes to take anything he hears and bend it around to what ever he see's fit,

    but anyway, he called my house and my mum told him that she was going to inform the school corp about the email, so he backed off, which is a good thing

    <her posse is the whole school gang>

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