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Thread: For the guys: up or down when diapered?

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    Question For the guys: up or down when diapered?

    Okay... here's another one I'd like to get some kind of consensus on from the group.

    Boys... men... males... whatever you want to call yourselves.

    How do you point your equipment when you are diapered? Any percieved advantages to the direction you choose? Please explain.

    For me... I typically point upwards when diapered during the daytime. Don't know why... just always have. It makes the front of the diaper fill up first... then the middle. But for night-time use I always point downwards... so I don't leak.

    Now from what I've seen in other threads maybe I should be pointing downwards during the daytime too? Guys that do this... does it help with absorbancy at all?


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    I prefer up cos it's more conferable but I go down so I don't have a full hard on.

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    Pointing it down does seem the logical option...

    A) The pee can get absorbed into the part of the diaper where it can spread in both directions, increasing how much you can wet it.
    B) So you don't pee out over the front of the diaper, or up your body for that matter.
    C) How often do you piss in a toilet aiming it upwards? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    B) So you don't pee out over the front of the diaper, or up your body for that matter.
    That's why I chose down

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    Yeah, I go down mostly. If you try to pee with it up, it can leak over the top, and you everything wet. Not good. The same thing can happen during the day too. So I go down, so the diaper can properly absorb all the pee.

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    Only had one on twice but I'll stick to down, I'm not even trying up.

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    Down when possible, as I don't always have a choice.

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    Down when possible, but thats only when... well you know

    Otherwise, up.

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    i think it hurts to point down i've never had any problems pointing up though

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    Everyone else has already clarified my reasons (thanks! =P)

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