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Thread: diaper fitting

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    Default diaper fitting

    how do i find fitting diapers, without buying more then 1 kind? im embarresed as it is.. i dont want my parents finding out what ive been buying

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    i cant... i need to be secret about getting them.

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    It is going to depend on either your waist size is, or how tall/heavy you are. Find out that stuff and buying the right diaper size shouldn't be much of a problem

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    Measure yourself, and compare it to the sizes listed on the packages.

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    For a typical male (6ft, 120-180lbs), you want medium adult diapers. For baby diapers, don't even bother trying.

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    You could also wait for a few years and buy them then.

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    I'm 16, currently 110 pounds, around 170cm, and I can fit into baby diapers, hip size around 30 inches, waist 26-27 inches.

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    Moved to DiaperTalk-forum...cause this thread's kinda about diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Moved to DiaperTalk-forum...cause this thread's kinda about diapers
    NICE CALL, man you are all over that great decision stuff! :p


    Like others have said, package sizes explain everything. So if you are too scared to look at the packages in stores, find them online-- you can get information for literally anything online, and yes that includes waist size measurements for just about every diaper.

    As for getting diapers without your parents finding out, that is where the wiki comes into play, because everyone asks the same damn questions it seems.

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