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Thread: What would you pick?? Mermaid/man or Reverse Mermain/man

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    Default What would you pick?? Mermaid/man or Reverse Mermain/man

    Like the Pic Says. What would you pick. An of course you it can be either male or female.

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    My nose! I would pick my nose.

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    Trapped on a desert island, eh? Definately the reverse mermaid then. I'd feel too guilty about eating a normal mermaid.

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    At least the mermaid can provide a good conversation. The reverse one always wants to talk about plankton (I mean I love a good plankton debate now and then but not all the time).

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    The reverse mermaid is hideous and probably wouldn't be good conversation. So you gotta go top half human.

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    Mmm, I would have to say regular...just because she can breathe.

    Forget that!

    I'm a pervert. We could totally enjoy "swimming" around in the ocean surrounding the island. And she could survive in the water.

    Besides, she can't nag me if I can't understand a word she says.
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    OK I can't believe I have to ask this. Pick for what? This has completely gone over my head of some reason.

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    Obviously I'd pick the regular mermaid, it's more appealing to look at.

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