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    What about a bulky diaper makes us love it so much? I am sitting in my ATN with 2 boost pads and I just love the bulk. So I am asking all of you...what about bulkiness makes you just love it?

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    That's a tricky one to describe...

    Personally I'm not really a fan of super bulk... but I do like a diaper that is "just right". Something bulky enough that I know I am diapered... but not so much that it interferes with everyday activities.

    I think it's just part of the overall gratification process of diapers that is so difficult to put into words.

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    I think that Darkfinn touched on it in his post, the main difference (appearence wise) between a nappy and pants is how much thicker a nappy is. Most peoeple may not notice wearing pants but you will be able to feel it if you have a nappy on.
    Because of this I think we associate bulk with a babyish feeling that we're in a nappy.

    Bulkier nappy = more babyish

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    Maybe the babyish association has something to do with proportions and control as well. If you see a baby in a wet diaper, it looks huge on them and is possibly hanging to their knees, or maybe mid calf for a toddler. I think that's a part of it, for me at least. I think that a baby or a toddler wearing a diaper certainly can sense they are wearing one, as mentioned above, but its more than that... its like this thing that they have no control over, a heavy thing that sort of hangs on them. If our larger bodies have a regular diaper on, maybe there's something missing when we have that perceived control- a totally manageable nappy just isn't as exciting.

    Compare that to when you've got a heavy and thick diaper on, and you feel its weight between your legs, the cushioning effect of the swollen padding, and that slight loss of control over your surroundings because of an accessory that you, of course, don't want to control. It feels like its the right size in proportion to your body, and you feel smaller or more babyish in effect.

    I know that this explanation has a really heavy AB feel to it, I'm not sure how differently a pure DL would answer this question.

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    I honestly really can't explain why I like them to be really thick.

    I guess its the feeling and knowing that I have a nappy on.

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    It's different for everyone. I don't like a diaper so thick that it hinders me from doing normal daily activities, but I do like the feeling of it when it's wet. I can't really explain why. I don't feel "babyish" when I wear a thick diaper (I'm mostly DL), but it's just enjoyable for me I suppose.

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    For me, bulky=babyish.

    As I've noted in previous threads, I love Bambinos, as they get somewhat bulky when wet. That, combined with the Abena Abri Let Maxi that I stick inside, it can get pretty big once everything is all said and done.

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    I'm probably the odd man out here but I don't really like "bulky" diapers.

    To me, a wet diaper is kind of uncomfortable after awhile so if i'm wearing for long stretches of time I like to be able to change without feeling like i'm "wasting" a diaper. I just like the feeling of a dry diaper...its refreshing

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    My wife puts me in thick, bulky diapers at night because a few years ago I developed a neurogenic bladder and I often wet during my sleep. Sometimes cloth ones that are made with multiple layers of cotton. If I have been drinking alcohol she adds a cloth liner.

    Sometimes she puts me in an Abriform X-Plus, and again if I've been drinking more bulk is added with a liner. With disposable diapers the liner she uses is either a g-diaper made for babies and available in upscale health food stores or a compostable Weenee pad from Kuver Designs in Australia.

    With either cloth diapers or the the Abriform X-Plus, I wear plastic pants from either Babykins or Fetware.

    Kuver also makes rubberized, waterproof Eenee undies to wear during the day with the hourglass-shaped Weenee pad discretely inserted. The pads can be easily and quickly changed. Great for traveling (another time my neurogenic bladder can get me in trouble).

    Getting back to bulk, the thickness inhibits my walking -- I basically waddle with my legs spread a bit. I am acutely aware of the diaper with every step I take. It tells me that the active, mobile, productive part of the day is over. I have surrendered to my wife and the restrictiveness of the diapers. I tend to become passive and feel a closeness with my wife, who is is well aware of this psychological effect. She often diapers me an hour or two prior to bedtime and we cuddle on the couch and watch TV.


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