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Thread: Where can I fnd free baby avatar?

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    Default Where can I fnd free baby avatar?

    I started a social group here and I'm looking for a free baby avatar to put it as the icon for the group.

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    Google? I don't think i fully understand the question!

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    Can you better define what you mean? Do you mean something like my avatar? If you do, you need to find a competent artist. The problem THEN will be finding someone to draw an *BDL style picture for FREE.

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    So... you need to ask where to get something that you could easily get off google images? Genius.

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    Please note: We do not wish to have pictures of real babies on this site. Drawings are fine, but no real babies. We don't want real babies involved in TBism/ABism in any way, or even give the impression that they could be!
    The rules clearly state:
    ""Use of images: Do not upload pictures of anyone 15 or younger, at all, even if you have their permission."


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