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Thread: Fundies, Has anyone ever seen/tryed these??

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    Default Fundies, Has anyone ever seen/tryed these??

    Fundies Have you ever seen/tryed them??

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    I kinda hope it's not a joke, i think I'd like to try them someday, seems like a good idea. I'm sure they must be made somewhere.

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    Boy, that takes me back! Never tried them, but our house did receive a kind of racy little catalog when I was in my teens that had those as an item. Not sure how we got on that particular mailing list, but I wasn't doing dealing with anyone sketchy by mail back then so I know it wasn't me.

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    I ment the joke was, I was hoping everyone would think I was talking about a daiper, then see that ROFL. Maybe not as funny as I thought it was last night

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