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Thread: I got to pet a horse TODAY!!!

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    Default I got to pet a horse TODAY!!!

    Gah I had such a wonderful day today. My friend Alex invited me to her bothers grad party. It started at 3 Pm, I was only like 30 Min's late. I had a hard time finding the lake it was at.

    After meeting some of her family and such, We decided that we wanted to go swimming, But she didn't have her swim suit with. So we went to her house to get it, Me not wanting to be left in the pack of wolves lol, I went with her. I got to her house, an she asked me if I've even seen a horse before. I have just not in real life.

    Well then she said I had to see her 2 horse's. So we walked out into the field where she was keeping them. An WOW is all I have to say, It was so much fun, and there soo beautiful.

    Then we went back to the grad party, An did a good amount of swimming. An a few of the little kids came out swimming, and wanted to get launched up high in the air. Did there till I thought my arms where going to fall off. Then we went walking around for a little while, well Alex forgot her shoes, So I gave her a quick piggy back ride, well this little girl also wanted one, So I ended up having 2 people on my back walked around a little while doing that. Then the little girl wanted to ride sitting on my shoulders, So I had to walk around every :\ She told everyone I was her horse lol

    oh and she said that one of these weekends I have to come ride with her I'll make sure to get some pics of that

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    Sound like a lot of fun. The one of the only horses I've ever pet thanked my by taking a dump as I did so.

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