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Thread: hi there. fang here.

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    Default hi there. fang here.

    Ok well i signed up a while back but with my parents nomally checking on me (i finally got a job though so now they don't) i've not been able 2 post. anyway i'm fang as u can tell from my name. i'm 16, a DL/TB, with a license. my license allows me 2 go out on my own and so when i get enough money i buy diapers.

    i also have a very annoying little sister who knows about my diapers but keeps her mouth shut since i agreed 2 do her chores and whatnot. she never goes back on a promise.

    anyway i'm glad 2 finally be somewhere ppl undersand me and don't care if i'm a DL/TB and i hope it doesn't fail my expectations.

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    Welcome to adisc mate
    take a look around, get to know ur fellow diaper lovers, we are a friendly bunch for the most part :P

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    Welcome to Adisc. This is a very understanding and accepting forum. Unless someone does something rude or deekerish then we can turn on them. So hope you like it here.
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    Hey Fang; welcome to ADISC.

    I know about annoying sisters too, so I'm right there with ya. At least she's trustworthy and she's keeping her mouth shut about it. : )

    Hope to see you come by and post on the forums.

    - Asher

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    Wow, I know who you are now! I thought that name sounded familiar; you must be Fang from the Soupy Sales Show!

    Welcome to ADISC, Fang. Now go fetch somebody's arm!

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    Welcome to ADISC, Fang! Hope you enjoy being here with us.

    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post

    Wow, I know who you are now! I thought that name sounded familiar; you must be Fang from the Soupy Sales Show!:bunny:
    Diapered Rabbit, looks like I'm not the only older ADISC member who dates themself! Let's see, he came on around noon on Saturday and, appropriately, the show was called "Lunch With Soupy Sales". Is my memory serving me correctly?


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    Oh yeah! 1959, Baby! Title of the show changed in 1962.

    So welcome, Fang! You're already endeared by us Oldie, McOldies from McOlderton (Pojo's name for us).

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