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Thread: Damn neighbours

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    Default Damn neighbours

    So I'm into day 2 of my 24/7 wearing week. Pretty much I've been in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt for a good 48 hours! Unfortunately, I think my neighbors saw me. I was locking the back door when I glanced up and saw her staring at me through her window. Not sure how much the shirt covered, but I think she definitely saw my diaper...on the plus side, I didn't have my bottle or paci with me at the time

    Ya, not really any point to this story, just felt like sharing.


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    I'm gonna go 24/7 for a week or two once my bambinos get here. Hopefully without anybody but me knowing what i'm up to.

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    i wouldn't worry about it. Chances are she would be just as embarresed bringing it up.

    Unless she is younger, than I'd bet she tells her parents

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    i've been 24/7 for 6 months and havent been seen

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    If she or her parents do talk, then just make them feel bad by saying you need them. That'll teach them to mess with The Brotherhood of the Crinkle.

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    Depends on how close your neighbors live, but as long as the shirt covered the tapes, it's impossible to tell that you were wearing a diaper and not some kind of white briefs. She may think she saw you in your underwear, and when I see your age, I probably can't blame that woman for taking a look when she had the chance


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    Peachy is right. Depending on the distance a diaper could pretty well be mistaken for white briefs. Even if she did see that they were diapers not only would it be really akward to bring it up but you can be sure that her first thought was "oh I bet he wears I diaper for some sick sexual thrill. What a pervert!". Even if she saw the diaper she would have certainly thought that your just incont. And needed to wear them. I have seen people wearing a couple times in the past years and I've never thought that they were into diapers, just that they needed them... And I know about this community.
    Whew. That was a mouth, err seeing how I'm on my blackberry, a thumb full. All in all just don't even worry about it. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business and she shouldn't make any comments or judgements based on what she might see at one glance in your window.

    Mods please correct my last post to say "her first thought was certainly NOT "I bet he wears...""
    I would do it my self but the edit button doesn't work on blackberry. Must be a browser compatibility issue. Moo can we address that?
    Last edited by Peachy; 28-Jun-2009 at 20:07. Reason: Correct the mistake yourself by using the "edit" button :P

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    You live next to BEAVERS? Tell them that they're an important part of nature and to keep it up!

    Also, leave it to them.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think anyone is going to mention "I saw you in your underwear today."

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    It's actually hard to see a lot of detail through a window unless its night, you having a light on and the other house not having its light on. Otherwise, there's a lot of reflected light, so I wouldn't worry about it.

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