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    Does anyone here like highway side motels and hotels, or any hotels/motels around?I don't know why, I just love going to them. Trying them out like you would try out a diaper for the first time. I like the smell of them, you know they got kind of that fresh or dirty smell depending on the one you go to. I like exploring the premises and checking out things. Does anyone else like going to hotels and "checking" them out?

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    ive always been one to check out neat property, and yes i love hotels/motels :P, i jus havent really gone around checking them out tho tbh lol

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    Do you mean abandoned ones, or ones still in service?

    There's quite a few abandoned ones on old US1, plus abandoned stores, service stations, restaurants, houses, etc... It used to be a major north-to-south highway 30+ years ago. Quite a few curiosities there that I have explored before on the occasional motorcycle ride.

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    Neither I, my wife, or kids care much for motel/hotel sleeping. We can never seem to get the temperature right, and the beds/pillows just don't feel as comfy as home. Plus, there's always the noisy, inconsiderate, late night guests checking in who don't have the common sense or courtesy to realize it's midnight and other guests are in bed trying to get some sleep. Sometimes sounds like a convention going on in the hallway!

    Not to say there aren't occasions when we do have to stay in a motel or hotel. We sometimes go to the ocean resort in our state and the trip is too long to go and return in one day, so we'll spend about four nights there for our vacation. The last hotel we stayed at there actually wasn't too bad. I think the walls were thicker which helped deaden the noise of any late night commotion. We also took our own pillows to feel more like we were sleeping in our own beds. Helped raise the comfort level nicely.


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    I always stay in nice yet cheap ones that at least look/feel clean. However dirt and germs are everywhere, there's no avoiding em.

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    My family recently drove up to Maryland for my cousin's wedding. We stayed at several motels that were just off the Interstates. I thought they were cool and they gave us a free breakfast in the morning. One one of them had a nice pool.

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    A local motel let us use a room for 2 hours one day when our bathroom was being repaired i like them alot for that

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    Yep, I know what you mean. There's this vibe that I get from going to any hotel. I also like the smell of the cheap cleaners that they use in the rooms.

    Hell, sleeping anywhere besides my own house is fun. 'Tis the reason I spend a lot of nights at some of my friends houses.

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    Well, they're, you know, hotels. They're designed to attract people, and if that means making the place smell nice and seem spacious, then they're doing their job. Though, on the other hand, motels are just there to stay in for one night and then get way far away from. They're way cheaper than hotels, too.

    That said, yes, the magic of hotels works on me, too, because I lived in one for about a year when I was five years old. I think mostly I like that I have no accountability except to other patrons while I'm at one

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    I lived at a hotel when i was little and living overseas. It was home away from home until we actually found a suitable place to live. Even after we found our new home we always went back and visited. Best thing i remember was all the bacon!!

    These days i work at a hotel (this is my last day though) and realize how ridiculous it is. It may seem cheap at first, but when things start adding up like food, internet, etc. then it isn't as nice. These days im just concerned with a clean room with a bed and a bathroom, quality isn't too much of an issue.

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