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Thread: how do you make YOUR homemade diapers??

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    Default how do you make YOUR homemade diapers??

    Desperate times call for desperate measures :P
    Tell us how you make you hold-overs till diaper-buying time comes
    Ill start
    i make a pad from papertowels (20 layers) and then back it with a plastic bag, taped to seal it...then i place this inside a pair of tightie-whities, and make another plastic liner overtop of that, to stop leaks...then i put ANOTHER pair of undies over that, to dampen the crinkle and hold it all together(im not a crinkle person lol)

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    Sorry, this is a near duplication of another thread that was recently (previously) started by the ownage - Homemade diaper I've been doing my whole life in the Diaper Talk Forum. How about moving this OP post to that thread and closing this one?

    No offence, cannonball88, it is just for the sake of non-duplication of topic and redundancy (like the numerous Michael Jackon's is Dead threads).

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    Years ago, once cloth-like became practical for baby disposables, I found those to be more comfy and effective than commercial adult feminine slip-in pads.

    I would cut off the side flaps or wings including the fastening tabs. Currently I use Pampers Cruisers Size 4. Since I have a lot of practice and really good scissors I can convert 36 Cruisers into pads in less than an hour while watching TV. That is about a week's supply for me.

    Although I must order my adult disposables on-line, I can buy Size 4 Cruisers in whichever local store is offering the best deal that day. Anyone seeing me buy these assumes I am the mom or grandmom.

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    hmm there are two threads simular, but different...those threads were simply one person saying hey i did this, what do you think...mine is saying "hey post what you do" not "what do you think of what i do??"
    besides i used the "check for simular threads" button, and it came up with nothing >_>

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    I use a bath towel it makes a great diaper, you need to experiment with the folding and you need good diaper pins because of the thickness, but they work great a few smaller hand towels inside if you want to go thicker.

    What is nice there are always some older towels around someplace, waiting for a new lease on life as a diaper.

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    Default Enough said.


    the ownage - Homemade diaper I've been doing my whole life in the Diaper Talk Forum

    "Yeah, you don't want to wear this one in public or around anyone for that matter. It's more absorbant than a depends max, and is really easy to make. Has anyone else had an idea like this?"

    Yes, cannonball88 has.

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    my bad rabbit...i guess i rely too much on faulty basic user forum mods :P

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    The only homemade diaper I ever made was uber fail. it was basically tons of toilet paper folded up and glued on to a cut-out plastic bag. didn't fit, smelled like elmer's glue, and obviously it didn't absorb hardly anything.

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    I buy the material and sow them. I like to make all in one diapers that close with velcro tabs, just like a baby disposable.

    I made a few prototypes and with each new diapers, I come closer to the perfect one.

    The thing is, I'm not good enough with the sewing machine yet, but at least my stuff hold well together.

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