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Thread: Do you think your siblings affected how you view diapers and babyhood?

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    Default Do you think your siblings affected how you view diapers and babyhood?


    I'm starting this thread as a result of participating in Bittergrey's second recent survey.

    I will include my response to this particular question from that survey that I would like to share with the other members of the ADISC community. If you care to respond to this question - post on.

    Do you think your siblings affected how you view diapers and babyhood?

    Possibly - They teased me incessantly about being a baby, cry baby and the such. I stopped sucking my thumb because of the teasing. Another result of the teasing was was that I took my favorite stuffed Teddy bear and blankie to the burn barrel one day several years before I started school. (probably much earlier than I would have wanted). I was NEVER a bed wetter, but my older brother (adopted) wet the bed until he was taken from the home (14 y.o.). I would often crawl into his bed with him (due to my nightmares/night terrors that I experienced every night of my childhood. Subsequently, I was wet and in a wet bed almost every night until was 8 y.o. My mother was both physically and emotionally violent and harsh. My adopted brother was always screamed at and humiliated and/or beaten for his bed wetting. Every night was frightening and traumatizing to both me and him. I was referred to as baby brother long into my high school and college years.


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    All three of my sisters are challenged by profound urinary incontinence, as am I. My youngest sister and I turned to AB as a coping strategy in 1990. The sister between us in age rants and raves against AB. Our oldest sister does not go about suckling a pacifier, but she owns some Onesies and supports us in our AB.

    Our Mom apologized that she did not know about AB when we started wetting because she agrees it is pointless to resent diapers when you are incontinent.

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    Yes. My 11 month older adopted sister was incessantly teasing me about something. Anything. Whatever she needed to do to shame me in front of friends and draw the positive attention to herself. Since we were a year apart in school, we went to the same schools, rode the same bus, and sometimes had the same classes, so there was not much avoiding it. Were it not for this, I'd likely have been more open with my Mom about my dee-ellism, and probably more open about it with my wife, but I can't help but repress feelings because I expect ridicule, and misunderstanding.

    When ever she was trouble with my parents for something, instead of owning up to anything she would go on a non-linear tantrum that always ended with the words "Well, it's all his fault because blablabla..." and storm off to her bedroom. I believe it was part of her being adopted, and me being the born child of my parents that made her have to deflect blame for anything, and point to me as the culprit. Anyway, were it not for her, I do believe I wouldn't have these feelings of guilt that are associated with how others perceive my actions, words, and position because my sister always pointed out that I got the preferential treatment by my parents, when actually they did everything in their means to give us equality in everything from toys, to bedtime, to curfew when we were teenagers.

    My relationship with my sister has gotten much better in recent years. We've reconciled much of the bad feelings we grew up with, and get along pretty well when she's in town, or I'm down further south near her home, and we get to visit.

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    Apparently when I was younger, like 2 or 3, I was a real jerk to my little brother, probably out of jealousy. He was the new baby and took all my attention away, so the theory goes. Maybe that is why I like diapers and stuff because I want to be the center of attention, although I lately have been avoiding people.

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    I really doubt that my brother(my only sibling) had anything to do with my views on diapers. We bickered quite a bit when we were younger, but all siblings do, especially when they're as close in age as we are, with less than a two year difference. He never really called me a baby or anything relating to diapers, but he did get rather creative with the name-calling(Maggot, turd-bucket, etc.)

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    Default Thanks, but could we wait a few weeks?

    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post

    I'm starting this thread as a result of participating in Bittergrey's second recent survey.
    Thanks for your interest, but please, could we put off discussions about the survey's specifics until after it is closed? If there are specific discussions about question XYZ, a lot of people with an interest in topic XYZ might take it when they wouldn't have otherwise. This might skew the results. This is also why all the surveys in the series are written to be general, to apply to all AB/DLs. This is the only way to learn the distribution of XYZ among the general AB/DL population.

    Thanks for encouraging AB/DLs to take it, but please encourage all AB/DLs to take it, separate from discussions about particular topics.

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    Well, as I am the oldest in my family what my brother does doesn't really affect the way I think at all. To be honest, I don't really give a flying f*k what he thinks.

    But maybe the way I have been ignored the past 10 years by my parents because of him (he has various illnesses, and has spent months in hospital at a time, but still doesn't excuse him for the crap he gives me) And I've had to grow up pretty quickly, seeing as I didn't remember much of babyhood TBism is a way for me to (re)experience it.

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    Perhaps this thread should be closed to honor BitterGrey's request in his post (above). Mods/Admins: Is there any way to delete this thread or remove it from the forum temporarily?


    Sincere apologies, BitterGrey, probably should have PM'd you with what I had in mind. - DR


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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post
    Sincere apologies, BitterGrey, probably should have PM'd you with what I had in mind.
    Thanks for holding off on this discussion. Data collection for Survey #2 is now closed, so we can discuss it without being concerned about influencing the results.

    Some other things (such as getting #3 running smoothly) delayed the preparation of summary results. However, I was able to get part one - the one about siblings - ready. I hope to have the other parts and essays up in the not-too-distant future.

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