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    Anyone who likes catboys and Ho Yay must read this.

    I'll give you an excerpt because it's that awesome:

    [Conri, the catboy, is at the house alone and Adrian, his not-owner, is out getting groceries.]
    [Ari, Adrian's Indonesian neighbor has just burst in the door and is talking to Conri while waving around a pot of 'Stinky-Bean Stew'.]
    [He has just finished teasing Conri about being '9-life', the universe's catboys. Conri, angry, knocked him over...]
    Ari: I hear you catboys have eight nipples, like real cats.
    Ari [to himself]: let's see!
    Conri: GYAAA!!
    Ari: How was that? Are they extra sensitive? Must be eight times the fun! *moves to lift up Conri's shirt*

    Funny thing is, that's not even the canon pairing. I bought the manga yes--... err... the day before yesterday [stupid insomnia] and I would gladly buy more... if there was more.

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    Yay! More catboy manga. Thank you ^-^

    I'm always looking for more manga with catboys, or catlike boys. Two others that are more innocent in nature are Free Collars Kingdom, and the only good OEM manga i've ever seen, My Cat Loki.

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    Good tips. Good tips indeed, catboys beeing the shit fo' shizzle.

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