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    Okay. So, I'm an big fan of anime, and have been drawing it for pretty much ever. Well, I have a series that I'm semi-serious about. I know I probably won't ever be a mangaka, but I still like to come up with this stuff.

    Anyways, I just recently changed the theme of that series. Originally it was completely English-themed. Now though, I'm trying to give the individual kingdoms and countries individual tastes of language. I mean, I know for most people to read it, they'll have to speak English. But I mean like names and titles. The main empire is now Russian themed. For one of the titles I need to know how to pronounce:

    Человек Богов

    I know it means "Man of Gods". I don't know how to pronounce it though. >.< Can anyone help?

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    Let's see. It looks like a combination of cursive, non-cursive, and numbers.

    Four erobek (as in aerobic) Six orob.

    Hope that helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingPup567 View Post
    Человек Богов
    i think it's something like "chyelovyek bogov."

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    Quote Originally Posted by avery View Post
    i think it's something like "chyelovyek bogov."
    That is correct, from what I remember from my 3 years of Russian classes back at school.


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