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Thread: survivle horrer games.

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    Default survivle horrer games.

    dose any one here play any survivle horrer games. most the ones i play are resident evil but wondering if any one knows any good ones to try

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    This doesn't belong in off topic it should be in computer and games but no i do not.

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    Bah. I scoff at Resident Evil! Who needs all those frivolous weapons to survive?

    The only one I've ever really played so far is Clock Tower. It's just you, the mansion, and the people trying to kill you! >D

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    Resident Evil isn't a real survival horror game. Go play something like Call of Cthulhu and you'll see what I mean.

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    SILENT HILL Play them all! The 4th one sort of sucked but 1-3 are superb and have some of the best in game storytelling I have ever been able to find. The camera and combat aren't that great but the tone, atmosphere, ambiance, story, graphics everything is great.

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    Default hard hill

    its kind of harder than most games tho the puzles drive me crazy last time i played.:bf-ninja:

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    Agreed, Sickness.
    Silent Hill *defines* Survival Horror. Have you played Origins, yet? Omg <3

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    Silent Hill 2 is the best out of the series by far.

    Try FEAR, not creepy as in monsters creepy but just the atmosphere creepy. It plays with your mind and does a REAL good job doing that especially if you got headphones on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawaa View Post
    Agreed, Sickness.
    Silent Hill *defines* Survival Horror. Have you played Origins, yet? Omg <3
    Don't own a PSP nor can I find a working emulator . Of course I heard it had 2 features I find...unbecoming of a Silent Hill game. Well make that 3.
    • Not made by Team Silent. WTF!!!!
    • The transition things. Where you can go where you want between the two demonic worlds. Takes away the sense that the real enemy was the town... and Alessa, but mainly the town.
    • Weapon degradation. This was only good in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    I also heard the protagonist had no reason to be in the town, so no motivation or sympathy you can feel towards him. Making it in my mind pointless. But who knows if I can find a emulator I will give it a whirl. I am a huge Silent Hill fan. Even made my own Silent Hill inspired map for Garry's Mod. I also was a team member in Green Frequency or Silent Hill Ascension...which unfortunately bit the dust.

    Also for the above poster that thought the puzzles were hard. Yeah they are. But I love them. Makes you actually have to think. And in any case you can just jump on gamefaqs. I have to say its the only game that made me scared when I first played it.

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