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    Default Got a new cell phone

    I just ordered myself the new T-Mobile G1, I should be getting it by next monday. I don't know why I made this theard but I did, I'm just super excited about it. I can't wait

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    Isn't the G1 kind of oldish? I thought they were going to unveil the G2 sometime soon. Congrats, this thread has been blessed by my 6000th post

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    T-Mobile G2 phone released by June 1, 2009? | The Industry Standard

    This site said the "G2" was to launch June 1, 2009

    but checking the T-mobile site I found the New myTouch with the google OS.

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    It sounds like G2 is old as it is, you know since there's the 3G band or whatever it is.

    Like the iPhone 3G/ 3G S sounds better and faster then the T mobile G1 or G2

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    I'm waiting for a Palm Pre (comes out in the fall in Canada), but then again there are a number of phones coming out around the same time using Samsung's Snapdragon platform. Basically, you get a dual core 1Ghz ARM CPU and a powerful mobile GPU (22 million triangle/s, 133Mpixel/s). This is well beyond PSP class horsepower (which has larger theoretical values that cannot be achieved). Specifically, I'm thinking of the HTC Thoth 100, though the Asus F1 and others have similarly outlandish specs.

    Still, I will probably go with the Palm Pre anyways, as it will certainly be more affordable and is still very powerful.

    Either way, I can't wait to start programming some 3D graphics on one of these things.

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    I got my phone yesterday and i have to say that I love it. It does EVERYTHING

    found a cool app called gmote Gmote > Android Remote

    Now I will always know where my phone is even if i lose it
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