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Thread: The old "hand in warm water" trick...

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    Default The old "hand in warm water" trick...

    Has anyone ever tried it on themselves? I'd think it would be an interesting feeling to go to bed dry and wake up wet..

    I'm just not sure if it's just a theory (the whole trick itself) or if there is some mental block when you do it to yourself (such as tickling yourself- it just doesn't have the same effect as someone else tickling you because you are expecting it).

    Has anyone ever seen this trick successfully done to someone else?

    Also, for those of us who don't know, this is an old sleepover trick. Supposedly you stick someone's hand in warm water while they are sleeping and it makes them pee themselves. Best explanation I could find of why it *probably* works:

    Quote Originally Posted by Yahoo Answers
    Insofar as The Hand In Warm Water trick works at all depends on the power of suggestion--simply thinking about water, or in this case dreaming about it, makes you want to go to the bathroom.

    This is likely to happen while the sleeper is in "active sleep” or REM sleep (rapid eye movements) when the brain is still "open for business". For example, people often respond verbally to questioning, exhibit emotional facial expressions, and get erections during REM sleep. It is very likely that if you were to try this on a sleeper in either stage 3 or 4 (known as delta wave or quiet sleep) the result would be different. It is in these two stages that neuroscientists believe humans loose consciousness completely.

    The effectiveness of the stunt is a matter of debate. Some urologists scoff at the idea. But other medics have been known to tell patients having a tough time urinating after rectal surgery to put their hands in warm water. Merely letting the water run in a nearby sink sometimes works, too.
    also this one:

    Quote Originally Posted by Yahoo Answers again
    This is a theory.
    Heating the hand causes the blood in small capillaries to heat up, or more likely stimulates thermoreceptors in the skin. A rise in body temperature will reduce the sympathetic outflow to the smooth muscle in the blood vessel walls allowing dilation and cooling of the skin.
    The sympathetic nervous system is also responsible for allowing bladder filling. If sympathetic stimulation is decreased the parasympathetic will dominate, allowing the internal urethral sphincter to relax and the bladder to contract. Although these two things should not be linked, could there be some crossing over in effect?

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    We tried it on my friend when we were like 15. He just woke up and went to the bathroom...

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    We tried it at a summer camp. It did not work.

    But it did draw extra KP to us when we were caught in the act.

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    yeah someone did it to me - but used boiling water out of the kettle, and burned my hand instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    What is this KP you speak of?
    KP is kitchen patrol. It is washing dishes, setting tables, cleaning up, helping the cooks.

    Everyone had it once. Extra times or extra chores were meted as punishment, and meant that you couldn't be out on the lake or the courts or--worse--not sewing your moccasins.

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    That was always my favorite joke in high school.

    You wait for your friend to fall asleep, put their hand in warm water, and then piss on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by balancedchaos View Post
    That was always my favorite joke in high school.

    You wait for your friend to fall asleep, put their hand in warm water, and then piss on them.
    Dave Chappel's "Girl I wanna piss on you." comes to mind...

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    We tried that but it didn't work. We just poured warm water on the victim very slowly. The outcome was hell-arious.

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    I did it to my drunken buddy in a bar, he was passed out on a stool, after awhile I just poured the water on him and told him he wet his pants while sleeping at the bar.

    I never told him any different he still thinks he wet himself while passed out, that was in the mid to late 70's, a great time to be alive.

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