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Thread: Binge, purge, or party?

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    Smile Binge, purge, or party?

    My spouse (who knows of my diaper affection, but passively disapproves) is away for two weeks. I want to decrease the size of my stash for stealth. I've decided to downsize my stash in her absence by wearing my entire collection. Understand that I have kept one sample of every diaper brand I've ever bought. That means that I have example of about twenty different diapers (Moli, Abena, Bambino, ATN, FQP, Attends, etc, etc). Many of these are not even made anymore (Plastic Assurance, Promise, various vintage, etc). So far I have done the Attends, Abena, Promise, ATN and am now in a Molicare. Its kinda like 'Around the World in Diapers'!
    I have two rules; No stuffer, and yes plastic pants. I want to experience each of these diapers as they are, without enhancement. At the same time, I plan to use each one to its capacity and I do not want to leak.
    So whaddaya think? Does this sound like a binge, a purge, or a party?

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    Party!!! Woot! Its cool that u can try so many types! Haha enjoy every second !! Cheers

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    Purging would be just tossing them out.

    Have you considered selling the "vintage" ones on e-bay? Even "vintage" singles can fetch a high price.

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    This sounds like a binge/PARTAY to me. It sounds like what I'm going to do now that my brother is on a 3 week vacation and I have the house all to myself. I'm getting a case of bambinos YAY.

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    So far I am most impressed by the Molicare. I should be taking notes, but that would be too much work. Thanks, Darkfin, for the suggestion. Its too late for the vintage Attends and Promise(they were nice). I've got a vintage Abena X plus left, but I'm just gonna enjoy it. I'm using the mediocre diapers up during the day, and keeping the premiums for overnight. Cheers all...

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    Do we all do that? I too have a 1 of each box of both adult and baby diapers and have thought to use them up or offer them to a member who couldn't get them all on their own.
    Anyway, using them up is a party!

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    Sounds like a farewell party to me... You should make a journal about it. Kind of what you like/dislike of each one. If you wish share it... A lot of diaper companies are downs sizing most of their product lines, so this could be sort of a history thing.

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