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Thread: Wearing when working outside?

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    Default Wearing when working outside?

    I was just wondering about the frequency of which you would wear outside when doing yardwork (watering garden, mowing the lawn, etc.) or just hanging out in your yard.

    How often do you wear when you are in your yard? Do you have any concern for if your neighbors would notice?

    I am just wondering because today I was home alone and spent the day in a stacked/stuffed set of 3 Goodnites and went outside with just a pair of gym shorts to cover the bulge. I mowed the lawn and did some other stuff outside and was perfectly comfortable and enjoyed the thrill of wearing while being somewhat exposed.

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    I have done it before. If no one is home I can go out end ejoy a thick diaper, sip my coffee and play on my laptop. If I'm doing yard work I'll wear a goodnite or small adult diaper. (covered of course) Unless it is too hot or I'm doing hard labor, then I'm uncomfortable. I don't worry about the neighbors, they really can't see in.

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    I've done it a few times. It always seems to make what ever I'm doing a lot more enjoyable. I do make sure that I don't show, however. My new neighbors have a daughter who goes to the school where I teach, so it would not be cool if they new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    It always seems to make what ever I'm doing a lot more enjoyable. .
    Yeah, it really does, at least it did for me the first time I tried it. It made the fact that my ancient lawnmower is falling apart a little less frustrating.

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    I just noticed you're in MN hehe. This time of year I don't wear in public much due to the fact that I end up with more sweat in my diaper than any other fluids. It seems like its been over 95F every day this week

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    I seldom wear when I am working outside because, like bobbyjeff says, I tend to work up a sweat, and diapers don't help with that.

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    I wear when I mow most times...its easier then going back inside to pee...and tracking grass into the house

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    Sometimes I will wear when I'm out mowing... other times it's just too damn hot.

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    I occasionally wear when working outside. I usually wear in the winter when snow blowing. Its easier then going inside and having to remove all the clothes to pee

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    I couldn't for two reasons:

    1) I don't own any diapers
    2) Lately its gotten over 100 degrees almost every day, so it wouldn't be very comfortable.

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