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Thread: This is why you're fat

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    Default This is why you're fat

    This is why you're fat.

    They all look so delicious... I'm lovin The Spanky Cristo:

    A peanut butter, banana, honey and bacon sandwich on potato bread, dipped in egg batter then fried in bacon fat, topped with butter and blueberry syrup.
    Think I'll make one of those for breakfast tommorow. I only have two months of free food left.

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    Some of those actually made me feel sick...

    But if you're making that, it actually sounds quite nice, do tell us how it is

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    Hey some of these have warnings right in there names.

    Heart Attack Fries

    Cheese-covered french fries with grilled onions, bacon and beef.

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    Ok sad thing is I want to try the spam sushi.

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    Oh My God, Fat Balls. CHEESE CURDS!

    Sorry, I'm going to miss the MN State Fair, and now have a craving for delicious and disgusting deep fried cheese curds. Oh god, it'll never end.

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    I check back on that site every week or so. I don't think more than one image in ten seems to me to be appetizing by any stretch of my imagination, although some are at least creative and fun/weird. I'm wondering if they're starting to run out of things though, since some of the more recent entries haven't struck me as particularly creative and probably just crafted specifically to have a lot of calories and/or gross people out. I'm very interested in seeing what people consider to be food, but they need to be honest about it.

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