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Thread: Has Anyone Been Through A Hurricane?

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    Default Has Anyone Been Through A Hurricane?

    Has anyone been in a hurricane?

    I have been though 3 of them.

    KATRINA - 2005
    RITA - 2005
    GUSTAV - 2008.

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    Three quickly come to mind, even though they were downgraded to tropical storms when hitting the central Maryland area:

    1972 - Agnes
    1979 - Frederic
    2003 - Isabel

    Agnes did a lot of flood damage in the Baltimore area, even wiping out miles of railroad lines which paralleled rivers in the area. Some of them were never rebuilt. Frederic and Isabel did more wind damage than flooding, from what I remember.

    The area was also hit hard by Hazel back in 1954, but I barely have memories of that storm.


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    I've been though 3 of them also.

    Andrew- 1992
    Katrina- 2005
    Wilma- 2005

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    I got out of New Orleans about a day ahead of Katrina, and weathered it in Baton Rouge. I was disappointed to have slept through it.

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    Hurrican Charly - 2004
    Hurrican Frances - 2004 - Lost power for 4.5 days.

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    Bunches, Bell, Gloria and Bob come to mind but threre have been many more. Other floods like "82", ice storms & etc. too. Being fit, active and having many chainsaws, generators and skills I find disasters to be cash cows.

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    To many to name...

    I think the worst was Fran though. I lost power for like 14 days then lols. I may not be 100% correct on that because I was younger, around 8 or something, IDK REALLY

    /bad memory

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    I have been threw Ike, and three of them on Florida, but i dont remeber the names, they hit the West Palm Beach area, its ware i lived, i still remember them all, Ike wasnt as bad in West Houston but it did hit hard in the east, i lost power for like a day, but most of my friends lost it for like a week, or so.

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    I too have been through too many to name having lived along Barnegat Bay. I remember one when I was a young boy. I went to bed during this terrible hurricane. When I woke up in the morning, my neighbor's roof was sitting intact in his backyard, A frame, shingles and all.

    During another one, after the storm, my mom took me over to Seaside Park, N.J. A friend of her's had lost their entire house as it was swept out into the ocean. I will never forget what I saw as a young child. The woman had a child's sand sifter, and she was crying as she sifted the sand looking for her wedding ring.

    When I was 11 in lived in Holly Park, N.J. I worked in a boat yard. Another hurricane hit. As the storm was winding down, the owner, my boss called my parents and asked for my help. I was this wiry slight kid. He had a gas driven pump, and all these 16' row boats, all filled to the gunwalls with water. I jumped from boat to boat landing on the wooden seats with the end of a long hose in my hand. I would put the hose into the water, and the pump bailed out the boats before they sank. The wind was still blowing hard and the rain was pelting down. It was one of the best and most exciting days of my life.

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