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    Default Ubuntu computer queries

    Okay, I find myself in need of a new computer and I could do with the advice of some of you wise technological types.

    I'm thinking of using Ubuntu as my OS on the new machine. I've played around with it a little on a dual boot and it does everything I need an OS to do (I'm not fussed about games) and I like the whole Linux ethos and all that. With that in mind, I was thinking I might as well buy a PC with it pre-installed seeing as it means I won't be paying needlessly for Windows and I'm not totally confident about getting an entirely custom PC without anything installed and doing it myself. I don't need anything too fancy or high-end in a computer - I just want it for internet, music, videos and office stuff. Reliability and value are important to me as well, and I'll probably be going for a desktop as I find you get more for your money that way.

    Now, I've done a little searching and Efficient PC looks like a possibility. Desktop bundles seem to be from 300 ($490ish) upwards.

    So, any advice would be most welcome. Does that look like a decent deal? Anyone know any good alternatives? Am I being vaguely sensible here? Bear in mind that I am a relative novice in this stuff and not really plugged into the computery world. I'm quite sure that I want to go with Ubunutu, but I could do with a few pointers about where to look.


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    Well, if you arn't looking to build it yourself, then it seems a fine idea. I wouldn't personally purchase from them, but thats because I prefer building desktops myself. If it were me, I'd get one with just the computer itself. It's not a good idea to buy a monitor sight unseen, IMHO.

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    Just buy a pc and install Ubuntu on it. You get it as a ISO download from their site and it's LITERALLY as simple as burn iso to dvd, insert dvd and boot from it. Then it literally tells you what to do.

    If you can't figure that out then don't bother with Ubuntu.

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    Dell also sells computers that come with Ubuntu preloaded ( Dell Home & Home Office | Ubuntu ). I've personally had little dealings with Dell, and not sure about their coverage in the UK, but I know they were among the first major PC producers to start shipping Linux boxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    Dell also sells computers that come with Ubuntu preloaded ( Dell Home & Home Office | Ubuntu ). I've personally had little dealings with Dell, and not sure about their coverage in the UK, but I know they were among the first major PC producers to start shipping Linux boxes.
    I like Dell - the small fleet I have has had very few problems and any problems were fixed quick with parts overnighted to me.

    Now I don't know about the link above, bu system76 is another open source computer company. They are much more expensive with NO operating system than Dell, HP, etc is WITH a windows OS. It might be cheaper to buy a computer from one of the large manufacturers and just install ubuntu.

    Any system that comes with Linux preinstalled (even the Dells) you are going to be paying for it

    If you don't plan on using wireless, its an extremely easy install. Ubuntu always picks up drivers (except once in a while wireless drivers)on the first try.
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    Default Eff Dell

    You've never had a problem with Dell? Must be nice. We use them at work, and they are crap. Now, I don't know if the fact that we can't get parts is a Dell issue, or an IT issue (prolly the latter) it doesn't change the fact that these damn Dells (especially the newer ones) keep breaking down. Though, to be fair, I have ever heard anyone complain about their retail machines.

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    Thanks for all the advice.

    Getting a monitor elsewhere is definitely a good call and I started looking around for some shortly after I posted this thread.

    Regarding buying a PC and then installing Linux, I'd be fine with doing that if it was worthwhile, but I thought I'd look around for pre-installed machines as it is simpler and even though I understand Ubuntu is pretty good with compatibility and drivers and such getting one from the link in my first post means there is absolutely no doubt about my hardware and my OS getting on.

    I suppose I'll have to look around to see what sort of price I'm looking at for a similar system to the ones available from the place I linked to. If there isn't much in it I'll probably go for a pre-installed one but is there's a decent saving to be made I'll obviously get a PC and then install Ubuntu.

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    If your going to buy a PC, I wouldn't necessarily recommend against DELL, it just wouldn't be my first choice. Why? They use proprietary motherboards and PSUs. Don't get me wrong, DELL is just fine, it's just that their PCs are very difficult to service at the best of times because of proprietary parts. Some of their cases are just weird too.

    Regarding buying a loaded PC (one with an OS):
    If you can find a company that sells PCs with the option of not being loaded, you'll usually find them to be about $100 cheaper. Granted that finding such a company or deal like that is extremely difficult, they are out there. DELL and Gateway used to do just that (because it saved them $$$ in licensing), but since Microsoft *wheeze* started waving lawsuits and money in their faces, they have stopped doing that and even actively refuse to service a PC if it has anything else other than what was installed on it.

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