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Thread: I successfully made a diaper

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    Default I successfully made a diaper

    I took 6 pairs of tight underwear and 90% cotton shorts. It holds 1 moderate wetting. Maybe even more! I know how to use a washing machine so I can keep it hidden completely!

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    Nice. Thought about any padding? Such a tissue or something?

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    I cant. It's too messy for my neat freakiness. I would have real diapers if I could get them past my family...

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    That's cool, I find that any "makeshift" diapers of mine cannot really be used...

    Anyway why don't you post an intro in the introductions forum?

    Eek... I need to add that this is my 200th post
    *jumps up and down in celebration and offers cake to all*

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    Good it's washed. It does hurt though! It's so tight that I'm havin' trouble!

    Okay, I take it all back... I never noticed, but it is leaking through to the front pretty quick.
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    Maybe you could get a plastic bag or something between the outer 2 layers to stop it leaking through?

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    ive done this b4...arlikra's suggestion of a plastic liner between the final two pairs of tighy-whities always seems to do the trick.

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    Maybe you could add some flannel cloth between a layer or two in order to increase the absorbency in addition to adding a plastic barrier.

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    I used to use white kitchen trash bag as a diaper cover when I was younger. I used a variety of stuffing material, from old underwear, toilet paper, and paper towels. Wasn't the most absorbent thing, but it filled a need at the time.

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    Some people on this site have suggested buying an infant towel and using that. If you can get to a store, that might be a good starting point.

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