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Thread: Adisc People Meeting at AC

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    Smile Adisc People Meeting at AC

    So, this has probably been discussed before. Earlier on. But it's getting pretty close to Anthrocon... and pretty much anybody who is going, KNOWS if they are or are not going at this point.

    Lukie and I will be attending this year's Anthrocon... actually, we'll be sharing a room because we're bro's like that <3

    Anyway. Who else here at Adisc will be attending, and is interesting in meeting up at some point during the event? I was thinking about maybe actually having a real-deal "Adisc Meet" at the event, which I think would be pretty cool.

    Please keep on topic. Also, sorry if this was already discussed!

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    Unfortunately I'm not a furry, and I doubt I would be able to make it down to the convention anyway.

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    I won't, unless someone pays me to be the con's diaper changer or photographer. I'm qualified and have references for both!

    Have fun anyway, and do report back what you guys did there.


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    Nah. I was going to, but a change of plans has me going somewhere else for my vacay.

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    I might go.

    I asked you about meeting up before there and you didnt' really give me an answer...

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    Even though its in PA, I can't go. Even if there might be some adisc people there, I'm not a furry and I don't have a lisence yet.
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    I'll be going. Right now i only have a room with a queen size bed i could upgrade if there are still room free if someone wants to share a room. I would like to meet some of you there.

    Also does anyone know what some of the badges look like i could not made so i going to make one from my SL avatar .

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    When is this, if there is a big meet going on, I dont' see why I couldnt' make it.

    But I'm not driving all the way there to only meet like 1 person.

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    July 2-5 But I'll be there from the june 30th to the 6th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Jake View Post
    Lukie and I will be attending this year's Anthrocon... actually, we'll be sharing a room because we're bro's like that <3
    This is the first I've heard of all this!

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