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Thread: R.I.P. Ed McMahon

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    Default R.I.P. Ed McMahon

    "Heeeeere's Johnny!" I think that's the one phrase I'll never forget whenever Ed's name is mentioned. He managed to outlive his old Tonight Show host and live to a ripe old age of 86. Memories of Ed and Johnny Carson take me way back to my early teen years when Johnny made the switch from daytime game show host (Who Do You Trust) to the Tonight Show on NBC. I loved to stay up late at night (even though I'd be dead tired at school the next day) to watch the Tonight Show, at least see the funny opening monologue.

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    Sort of like Abe Vigoda (who is, at last report, still alive), I figured Ed was already gone. Good on him for lasting this long and doubly good for him that he managed to avoid the necessity of being buried with Johnny, as one of the prominent servants of the late night pharoah. He did do some things on his own like Star Search (the also awful precursor to American Idol) and walking around with big novelty checks for the Publisher's Clearing House giveaway, but I think his first best destiny was being a solid second banana.

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    Since I am rather young I never saw much of him unless he was selling something on daytime TV. However I guess he did help start the late night comedy talk shows and I guess without him leno or conan wouldn't be making me laugh.

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    Ed's dead? How could they tell?

    I'm stilling reeling from Robert Goulet and Merv Griffin.

    Now this . . . .

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    Wow, I had no idea that he died... bummer... My dad used to have old tapes of the Tonight show when Carson was still the host, so I remember Ed quite well. Man, that's just sad...

    - Asher

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    I just read about this on another news site. I was too young to watch The Tonight Show when he was on, but I've seen clips of it. For those who haven't seen, search for some Carson clips of the Tonight Show - he did that show with Johnny for 30 years!

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    I hate hearing news that people have died, even if I have no clue who they are

    RIP Mr McMahon.

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    As a long time fan of Ed McMahon I will really miss him. Many people don't know but Ed was Marine Lt Col. Johnny used to kid him about it all the time too. So Semper Fi Ed and say Hi to Chesty Puller and my Dad for me for me.

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    That's one of the disappointing things about living overseas where the English-speaking channels (BBC, CNN International) don't put a lot of emphasis on the "human interest" stories - I had not heard he died. I am not one to follow the entertainment/paparazzi type of stuff, but I will remember him and his trademark intro on the Tonight Show. I always loved staying up late as a kid to watch him (it was on at 11:30 p.m. where I grew up.)

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    He and Johnny had great chemistry...he really knew how to set up Carson.

    That said, I'm still living in a world without George Carlin, so what's the difference? All is grey and bleak.

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