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Thread: Longest you've spent in the same diaper?

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    Default Longest you've spent in the same diaper?

    I made a really thick combination last night at about 7:00 and didn't feel like taking it off this morning because I hadn't even started to make a dent in the absorbant potential... so I tossed on the baggiest pair of camo shorts I have (which barely cover this) and waddled off to work.

    I'll list the layers (from inside to outside) if anyone is interested...

    Abri-let Maxi
    Medium Attends
    Medium Attends
    Large Attends
    Bambino Duo stuffer
    Large Attends

    I cut slits in all of the inner diapers with scissors to achieve proper drainage... and I plan to wear it until it leaks.

    What's the longest some of you guys/gals have gone in the same diaper?

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    I did something quite similar this weekend. I love F1 the way an adolescent teen loves his penis, so I save it all on DVR to watch all day Sunday (almost 9 hours of stuff to watch). I started at about 10am Sunday with a Depends boost inside of a medium Molicare Super inside of a large Molicare Super. It held for the entire day including 2 meals and nearly 3 six packs of summer ale.

    I'm not sure I would try to wear a setup like this to work though, as just a single Moli is at the limits of me being able to conceal it. I've lost a considerable amount of weight in the last year though, so I can't hide things as well as I used to.

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    The longest I've ever spent in the same diaper? 11 hours, more or less, which is surprising, since it was a Depend brief.

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    I've spent all night and part of a morning. The problem is they are such a sexual rush for me, that once I'm in one, I don't want to take it off *sigh*.

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    During the day, the longest I have gone is about 8 hours, and I changed because I was uncomfortable (it was hot) not because it was full. On an overnight, in a Secure / Depends Max/ Huggies sz.6 x2 combo, I went almost 17 hours (7pm to noon the next day). I didn't leave the house.

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    I have been wereing the same diaper for about 12 hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laram5 View Post
    You Do NOT Wanna Know. xD
    See... now you've got me interested.

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