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Thread: what kind of cigs do you smoke

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    Default what kind of cigs do you smoke

    I just thought I would start a post for those that do smoke to say what they do smoke.

    I mainly smoke Pall Mall Full flavored.

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    Whatever is on sale, though typically camel wides or marboro menthol smooths. Occasionally when i'm able to stop by the tobbaco store, I get blacks. <3

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    Usually some sort of menthol, whatever's on sale. If nothing's on sale, then it's parliament menthol lights.

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    Mostly Marlboro Gold 100's. Occasionally I go for Lucky Strikes or the additive free (Indian Summer/First Cut) Prince.

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    I don't see how you guys smoke menthols full time. I quit smoking a few years ago, but I only smoked menthols when I was stuffed up.

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    Marlboro Lights here

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