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Thread: Walmart Pullups=disappointment

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    Default Walmart Pullups=disappointment

    I bought some White Cloud (Walmart brand) pullups because I liked the ballerina design. But I found out that they are alot smaller than Huggies pullups. I can fit the 4T-5T pullups fine but the Walmart 4T-5T were more like 2T-3T. The sides dont stretch that much. Maybe they packaged the wrong size? I haven't bought another pack to see if it was a mistake or not. That's $10 wasted.

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    This is a good example of why you should get ones that properly fit rather than ones with designs. Either that, or save your money until you can get ones that you will actually like when you can order online.

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    Trying Trying Trying !

    It is the key to find out which fits you most. Enjoy trying different diapers !

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    I can tell you from dabbling that unless they are Huggies, or a private label made by Huggies, they won't stretch the same. Look for the easy open & close sides on the packaging. Most of them are showing the rip & stick side on the package to make it easy to tell. Both Target and CVS use them, I'm sure many others do as well.

    If it just says easy-open sides it is most likely just a side panel that is easy to tear open. Some, like the Pampers EasyUps / Feel'n Learn, are actually very stretchy but won't hold together very long. Others won't stretch far at all.

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    i hate the easy open sides they open and i didn't wear long at all.

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    I wear either Huggies Pull-Ups, Cruisers or Pampers Baby Dry which fit.

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