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Thread: Would you switch genders?

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    Default Would you switch genders?

    If you had the chance, would you switch genders, from what you are already (biologically). So if you were born a male, would you switch to female if you could, and vice versa.

    Me - I wouldn't mind being a dude for a day, just to see what goes through a guys head. :P

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    Not sure what you mean by that Mandi... I mean if it's actually you being a guy for a day then it's you - a girl - being a guy for the day... How can you think like a guy unless you were changed to think like a guy and not think like yourself, thus not be yourself feeling it... The only way i could see you getting what you're suggesting is to be a mind reading symbiote in the mind of some random guy and then simply having a mind reading ability is enough by itself to see what a guy is thinking... Hehe... if you were a guy for a day it might have novelty to it in just an explorative sense... But prolonged periods would just make you feel how it is to be transsexual...

    I definitely want to switch sex... I've never felt comfortable as a guy... and I'm already trying to switch sex in the most practical way possible...

    I just realised you can take "just to see what goes through a guys head" in a perverted way but I'm sure that's definitely not what you were implying

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    I wont lie. I put yes, for a day. I mean...there are just some really cute straight guys that I wouldn't mind hitting on for like a day...most of the people I have crushes on are straight (not fair, eh?) so I guess it would be awesome to openly hit on some of them

    Other than that though, no. I like being a boy, I like my boy parts and, in general, I just like the way I am. It is fun to think of a "what if" scenario though, but this question could also be asked for a million things. Like "Would you want to be FullMetal?" And I mean...if you made a thread about that with a poll, I am SURE everyone would say yes (waits for unfused to perform his magic.)

    No, but on a serious note, it is in our human nature to want to be/try something different, so I would be surprised if a lot of people did not say that they wouldn't even like to try it out for a day, even if they love being their gender.


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    *ka-guys Mandi*
    *ka-girls FullMetal*
    *ka-girls Baby Lily*
    *ka-girls Charlie F*
    *ka-girls Eclipse*
    *ka-girls genbaby*
    *ka-girls Kraiden*
    *ka-girls renegade-a*
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    I'd love to know the freedom of escaping from a gender that I can't stand to continue my life as.

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    Yes, for a day.

    It would be an experience! Ignoring Mysika's good point about what your personal identity would be (because it just makes things difficult ), I think it would cool thinking as girls think and seeing what's up with that and plus I'd be able cross-dress in public without scaring people.

    And in the gutter: having breasts for the day would be cool, and so would experiencing a female orgasm.

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    Really... because I find the idea that you can be you but not be you needlessly complicated...

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    Okay so I voted I would for a day try it. as to Mysika's point I would try it either way, whether I still had the same mind but completly female body I would still try it, and I woul still try it if I got a completly female body and a female mine, as long as I could rememeber the expeirances when I went back to my regular male body and mind.
    I am a straight guy so I would NOT do it so that I could hit on males. I am pretty postive I would not hit one male that whole day I was a female, even if I was a super attractive female I would not. The reason I would want to try it, is just to see what it is like physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially as a woman. I could learn alot from it, and it could help me become a better male by figuring out what females actually think when they change their minds a million times haha.
    I would want to stay male though because I would not want to deal with periods :yucky: and I would not be looked at as inferior to males by majority of society.

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    I put other because i would switch but not permanently and not for a day i would swich for like a few months every ten years. Just to see what it's like.

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    I'd definitely do it for a day. To be honest, just so I could find out who gets the most pleasure from sex, Male or female.

    Also to see the effects of breasts first hand.

    *walks down the street showing cleavage*


    Man: "Oh yeah, let's f*ck!"
    Me: *Strips naked*
    Me: "Is it OK I was a man yesterday?"

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