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Thread: Need help w. building a gaming desktop for $1000!!!

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    Talking Need help w. building a gaming desktop for $1000!!!

    Hi! I'm looking to build a gaming rig for $1000.

    Basically I want a super fast computer for gaming (not including the screen).

    So can you guys give me what specs you would get (June 2009) with $1000 to buy a computer?


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    something way too awesome, including a monitor. Although I don't know if england has newegg.

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    go to new egg, they have cheap parts for the most part, But a little more info would be really nice for what your looking for, Do you wanna jsut apure gamming system, or it going ot need allot of HHD space alose, and what OS do you wanna run

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    He's in england/singapore, he can't use newegg at all.

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    Im in Singapore actually, so I was just wondering what kind of parts can you get e.g. processor, ram, graphics card, hard-drive =P

    OS - vista/xp ... Hd maybe lots lol =]

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    I would set up something with a 2.6 ghz Duel core, and atleast 4 gigs ram, and a raid 0 HHD set up using 2 150 gigs

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    To my knowledge, the most expensive of those would most likely be the processor, if you wanted to go for something high end. But something in the lower price section is still more than likely pretty fast. A graphics card I've no clue about, but as long as you get a motherboard with at least 2 RAM spots, getting 4 gigs of RAM won't be hard at all. You could even go for 8 if you got the 64bit version of Windows.

    As for the hard drive/drives, I think Seagate makes a 1TB for somewhere around $150. Of course, there's also 750GB and 500GB. They're relatively cheap, so getting two could be an option. A good quality case may be a problem. The non-cruddy ones are pretty expensive (upwards of $200), and anything below that seems to be hit or miss. Don't forget fans. ^.^

    It's definitely possible to make a great computer for $1000. Windows isn't free though....

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    Go for around 4 gigs of RAM minimum with DDR3, if you want to play games like FEAR 2 and all that. If I was building a pc with vista or whatever then I would get it through less than legal methods. However, if you want to save some money (albeit temporarily) you could download a RC version of Windows 7 X64. It's way more optimized than Vista for games and such, running FEAR 2 on 7 gives me a much better framerate than Vista.

    Graphics Card: Get a Geforce 9600 or Radeon 4850 minimum, both handle games just as well as their more expensive counterparts.

    Motherboard/CPU's: If you can stretch to an SLI/Crossfire motherboard then go for it, if you want more power later you won't regret it. Intel/AMD depends on your CPU choice, which really is a matter of preference. Although, AMD's give better bang for buck IMO, and their top of the line quad core CPU is around half of intel's middle of the line CPU (well, at least it's that way here anyway :P) Also, make sure you get a DDR3 motherboard.

    PSU: Get an 800Watt one minimum, although you should make sure it's a well-known brand to avoid troubles with warranty/reliability issues later.

    HDD: 1TB or 500GB, depends on what you're storing on there, only you know that

    Yeah, that's pretty much it really. It's only what I recommend though, someone else might come up with something better

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    I am not completely sure of what type of deals you are able to get down there. But everyone is giving great ideas. As for me (I am going to be building from newegg though ) sorry. But I will be getting the Tri-RAM (DDR3... 2g in each slot).

    I will be building mine for around 1000.

    But how I will be doing mine, is I am going to by a really nice (Top of the line high qualitiy 320gb hardrive... and then in my other slots I will probably by 2 1TB harddrives (just storage material). But it can be a good idea to have your OS running on a nice qualitiy hd... it is not necesarry but it does make some difference.

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