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Thread: Yay, I'm moving!

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    Default Yay, I'm moving!

    I am ecstatic that starting Thursday i'm going to be moving out of the boring rented 3 bedroom house into a new house that my Mom will own, that also has a family room and an office that my current residence doesn't have. In addition there's also like a 4 foot above ground pool in the back. It'll take me a little longer to get to work but it's just a very minor setback. And i'm even staying in the same town just a different section of it.

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    Congrats on getting your own place! I can't wait until the same happens to me.

    P.S.-Awsome Avatar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wegs View Post
    Congrats on getting your own place! I can't wait until the same happens to me.

    P.S.-Awsome Avatar!
    Well not own, it says my mom's I'm still 16, I wish though.

    And thank you : D

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    Congratulations for your family finally owning a house!
    It's great to move from renting to owning a house, more stable form of housing, less of a waste of money.
    Having the extra space will be nice for you (at 16) to be able to have your own area to retreat to, and the above ground pool is a plus.

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    I moved yesterday, too. It was really good for my body. And cardio is heart-healthy, so combined with Cheerios, getting a new house should be lots of fun. Be sure to get the second biggest room in the house!

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    I think the "master" bedroom is the smallest and the other two are only off by inches. And yeah it'll be great to have my own retreat except for my bedroom. But thank you to all.

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    Sounds like a great house. I really hope it is as good as it sounds. I've never moved house personally but from what I've heard, if you are looking forward to it, it can be really good - even if sometimes a bit stressful for the family as a whole. Enjoy having some more space to yourself, I know a number of people who have just moved into a bigger room and immediately been happier. Sounds like this will be great for you in general, so just enjoy it!

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