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Thread: dip?

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    Default dip?

    Hey yall,
    I would think that it goes without saying that there are members of the site that smoke but I was wonderin if anybody else here dips. Sorry I guess I should be more as that is kind of American slang does anybody else chew tobacco?


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    Tried it once. Found it disgusting. Never tried it again.

    Snus is an entirely different story though. I don't go anywhere without it.

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    Just as long as you're not spitting on my boots, I'm totally cool with it!

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    I know a lot of people who dip I personally don't but I even know a chick or to that does.

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    After watching what happened in "The Sandlot" I've decided not to. I spend far too much of my time on tilt-o-whirls for chewing tobacco to make it a bad one!

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    Used to do it a lot. I liked it.

    But you notice your gums start to deteriorate, and you stop.

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    Personally I find the idea pretty gross (likewise cigarettes), though I haven't tried it. However, as far as being exposed to someone doing one or the other, I'd choose chew any day.

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