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    Default Re-Intro.

    When I first joined a little bit under a year ago, I was definitely not thinking straight. I was stressed, more excuses, etc.

    Anyways, let's try again.

    I'm 15 (16 end of August), living in the Bay Area of California. I'm into computers, mostly a gamer, but I've dabbled in programming. My room used to be over 100 degrees at most times, due to running 3 computers with crappy cooler systems. Both of my desktops happen to be broken, I melted the graphics cards in both of them, only bothered to fix one. After that, some people who need to be re-certified in electrical work broke it again (yes, I blame them!), somehow causing multiple power surges after messing with the wires in my neighbor's house (our wiring is apparently connected?) and *boom* goes my power supplies. So now I'm left with this laptop.

    (As a result of gaming, I might sometimes use acronyms familiar with most gamers, but not with other people. Sorry in advance! D: )

    Other than computers, I used to be an active sports player, but after some medical conditions popped up, it became rather painful to play for extended periods of time. I'm somewhat of a loner in terms of real life friends, mostly because I don't feel comfortable asking my mother for a ride somewhere, and none of my school friends were within walking distance. After I get a license and such, it will probably change.

    Probably missing a lot of stuff, but I can't really think of anything else. Anything I'm missing people want to know?
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    Welcome back. Hope you're thinking straight (if linear is what you're going for) now, although tangents can be good fun. Bay Area seems like a fine spot to live. I used to get down to San Francisco every couple years when my brother lived down that way and I liked it a lot. I hope you're taking advantage of all the cool stuff the area has to offer.

    Questions...hmm...what's your hat size? This is vital information.

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    Life's like a fedora, you either have one, and are awesome, or you don't.

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    I'm not even too sure how to measure hat size, if there is one. And I had a fedora once, no clue where it went though, so I lost my awesomeness.

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    Welcome back to the community where you obviously belong and feel at home.

    Here's hoping that your electricity gets sorted out, so that you may feel secure in your computational realm.

    Oh, and hat size: measure around your head where your hat will rest and divide by Pi (3.1416). US measure is in inches of equivalent head diameter, as if it was a circle instead of an oval shape. Typical sizes are 7, 7 1/4, etc.

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