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Thread: Insurance?

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    Default Insurance?

    okay, between a 1998 Cadillac Deville(fully loaded) and a Honda Accord 1996 (fully loaded) what do you all think would be cheaper to insure for a 17 year old?

    and anyone who has had experience with either car, please sum up your experience with either car, thanks!

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    Are you going for just liability? Collision? Comprehensive?

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    The only way to find out is to contact several insurance agents licensed in your state. Rates vary so much from state to state and even by Zip Code in a given state.

    In many, but not all, states auto insurance policies are not sold directly to minors under 18. In such restrictive states usually the vehicle must be registered to an adult, who takes out the policy. Typically this would be an add-on to a parent's auto insurance.

    Then at 18 it might well be possible to re-register the vehicle and buy a new insurance policy. However, almost always it costs less to leave the registered owner as the parent and use the additional vehicle coverage as long as possible. Often even when a teen or young adult is living in a dorm while in college, so long as the primary "domicile" is the parent's home this additional vehicle practice is legal and ethical.

    Where all this gets sticky is in the case of an emancipated minor who does not reside with parents and has a domicile elsewhere. Even getting an auto insurance quote can be very difficult.

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    :bunny:Let's see here - You're male and seventeen years old. You are in the highest insurance bracket. Unless your parents give you a kicken allowance or you have some other source of $$$$$ your best situation for insurance are as follows:

    1. Walk or jog - you'll also be preparing for basic training and the Middle East.
    2. Ride a bicycle
    3. Bum rides from parents, friends, parents friends, friends parents.
    4. Use public transportation.

    Last resort: buy and own a car like one you listed. Note: NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DRIVE THE CAR REGISTERED TO YOU UNINSURED - NEVER!

    Pay at least $300 month for required state minimum for liability insurance.

    NEXT STEP - Choice here:

    1. Get a ticket or two
    2. Get in a car wreck.
    3. Have a teen buddy of yours drive the car and wreck it.

    And have your insurance cancelled.

    Regarding the 11 year old cars you listed. Have both checked out by a competent mechanic (could be the Auto Shop teacher at your high school). If both are sound mechanically, go with the Honda Accord - better gas mileage - lower horsepower.:bunny:

    P.S. angelabauer's post was extremely accurate and covered your insurance question. Some parents would not take on the expense of adding you to their insurance. It would have more than DOUBLED my insurance cost to have a male, minor driver on my policy. Any claim or accident would also affect my insurance rates for up to 5 years (even after the son moved out and moved on). Sobering thought, perhaps my first 4 suggestions don't sound so crazy now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post
    :bunny:Let's see here - You're male and seventeen years old. You are in the highest insurance bracket.:bunny:
    Absolutely! Your age is your main disadvantage no matter what you plan on driving, and if you can get insurance on your own at all the higher "assigned risk" rate is what you'll pay at least for the first three years**. Being a new, inexperienced driver and principal driver of the car also counts against you, along with age and gender. I had it all against me, plus being a city resident was another negative factor. To give you an idea that it's true the rate will be the same no matter what you drive, I started out at 19 driving a brand new 1970 VW Beetle. Eighteen months later at 21 years old (still under the 3 year risk period) I traded it for a 1969 high performance Z-28 Camaro. Guess how much my insurance went up? Not so much as one cent!!! I was already paying the highest rate just to drive a Bug!

    **Comment based solely on my experience living in Baltimore City, having to get my own insurance at 19 years old because my parents didn't drive or have a car. Rates and duration of assigned risk status may be different now and in localities other than where I resided.


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    No clue but my F-150 is about 2k every 6 months to insure for just me.... Fully.

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    Insureance is tough at your age the best way is to get on your parents policy, as a part time driver, that is what the new drivers do in our family then after you have more experince the price may go down alittle and you will be able to drop the full coverage.

    I think they pay about 100 a month, slightly less than I pay on 4 cars 2 new cars with full coverage, I only keep libility on the Zo6, and the old miata.

    But an insurance company would rather insure a honda than a cadillac because the cad will be an 8 cyl, your better off with the gas saver anyway 12-15 miles to a gallon isn't going to allow you to save money for insurance, like 30 will.

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    I would imagine the Deville will be cheaper on insurance, simply for the fact that its much less often hotted up by kids that think they are kewl...althought the deville has far more hp, it isnt a tuner car per se. As an example, my 1990 Toyota Cressida was 50 dollars per month cheaper to insure then my 1987 Accord...and my Cressida by far was a faster car, tho again, not really one that is known for being riced for the point some1 made about gas milage, if ur driving mostly highway, the deville might actually have a tad BETTER milage then the Accord. Id buy it myself, simply cause i hate Hondas and DeVilles are sleepers, noone expects to be outdragged by a grandpa car :P
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    Honda's typically have a higher insurance rate than comparable cars in my area due to having a high theft rate. You might want to look into the possibility of having you listed as a "secondary" driver on your parents insurance instead of trying to get into your own policy at first.

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