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Thread: Goodnites (drynites) or tena pants?

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    Default Goodnites (drynites) or tena pants?

    Hi there. I recenty posted about getting urges to urinate at random times. I dont think this is urge incontinence as such, as I can wait a while before going, although I havn't attempted to wait too long. I'l be travelling quite a lot over the next few weeks, and am trying to deicde between Tena Pants Discreet (or other tena pants options) or Goodnites, to reduce the worry about needing to find a toilet in time. I need them to be very discreet, as Il be travelling with friends and will be in largley social situations. Ive never had a situation where I havnt made it to the toilet, but then Ive never tried to leave it for too long, and as I dont know when Il next be able to reach a toilet, Im not sure what the concequences would be, so absorption, for a moderate (although probably small) wetting could be required.I have a 28" waist, and am about 6 foot.

    And advice would be much appreicated, thanks

    Just a note to add, Ive heard that the tena pants discreet do not have stand up leg gatherers, is this true, and is this a problem?
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    i would get underjams instead of goodnites because they are softerand proven more absorbent than goodnites. And i have gone on long car rides i mean like 4 hours and i was littler and we stopped once and i staid inside (happened since then on other occasions and what happens to me is it releases a little be not enough to mach a spot and does that in slow enough that the past time has dried up. though it might not happen like that to you it might but i don't recommend it

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    Do not get underjams. They basically disintegrate when worn with jeans or when it rubs on clothes from activity. I'd say go with the tena pants, iirc, they have a lower waist band.

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    My experience with Goodnites is that they are durable, and allow for the normal use of facilities. Absorbency is adequate for a light discharge, which is probably the most likely outcome in your case. My assumption is that you want just enough protection to minimize pain while locating the restroom in an emergency. This is typical with mild cases of urge incontinence. As others have said, Underjams have a tendency to fall apart, making them an unsafe bet.

    Another option which I think may even be a little better, would be to use either a Pampers or Luvs Size 6, or Cruisers 7 as a pad in regular briefs. They are capable of holding a few ounces of fluid, and can be very convenient. Since they are so thin, one can fit in a front pocket and be mistaken for a wallet if it's folded properly. If you accidentally drop it some place, nobody would know it's from an adult. I will also testify to this product's durability, as they can easily hold up for 12 hours or more without sweating. To get that duration from an adult product, you would have to go with the Abena X-Plus or some TOL adult pull-ons!


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    Goodnites are probably easier to find anywhere than Tena.

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    Thanks , Ill have a think, drynites and tena seem to have a similar abosrbency, would I be right? And which would you say is more discrete? Any more advice would again be much appreciated, thanks.

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    Well firstly, to the people who said Underjams, I don't think they are available over here in the UK yet, so that isn't an option.

    As for drynites and tena pants, I have used both, though I haven't used drynites recently because I need to lose weight . I would imagine they are roughly similar in the amount they can take, and can say that drynites will swell up more when you wet them. They are also a bit noisier.

    However, compared to tena pants they will probably have a lower waistline, especially considering your height, and I think they are probably a bit thinner when dry. Tena pants don't have leg gatherers, so they are more likely to leak around there. Drynites will also be considerably easier to find, and come in a smaller package so are easier to hide.

    As long as you don't wet too much, are aware of how much it can take, and wear underwear other them to keep noise to a minimum I think Drynites will be a better bet for what you want. I also think they are cheaper too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom View Post
    Hi there. I recenty posted about getting urges to urinate at random times. I dont think this is urge incontinence as such, as I can wait a while before going, although I havn't attempted to wait too long.
    Hmm... You too? I've getting getting that but only when going out. I think it's clearing up. Try drinkning Cannberry Juice or hold it for longer, practice those muscles that stops you from urinating.

    For me, I think I'm not relaxed when I go out. I feel panic about something, feeling very uncomfortable.
    Anyways Why not buy both and see which ones work for you. Drynites will be hidden but the ena is likely to be more absorbent.

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