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    Default Hi everybody

    I'm new on this board, I discovered recently that I was not alone to love diapers and be treated like a 2 yrs old, I'm adult, I'm 27 yrs old and live in the beautiful Quebec city (s'il ya des francophones ici, je parle mieux franšais qu'anglais) This board seems closely monitored by some people who are a little bit hard, one of my AB friend from Montreal tried 4 times in a row to get an account validated on your website only to be banned without any reason after awhile since he doesn't speak english too well (like me) it could be hard to understand what he says sometimes, I hope it won't be a problem with me, on the ban, they claimed he was someone else. Now I could prove my identity here to any moderators so just ask for some proof, but I won't post any picture, this after all can be googled afterward, I don't wanna loose my real life to prove who I am.

    The only thing that disturb me is the need to post on theses board to keep our account alive, I don't plan on posting most of the time, I'm here for the story and to share mine, I'll share ideas and things, but don't expect me to have 200 messages.

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    I am sorry to hear about your friend being mistakenly banned several times. I have always wondered if the mods made mistakens by reasearching someone. Well no one is perfect so it is going to happen every once in a while. If your friend really still wants to join, then you can talk to Moo about it, I am sure there is a legit reason they were banned. My most likely assumption is they were using a computer in someone elses name, so when they checked the users computer address and saw someone with a different age than the registed age the person joining gave us, so they assume they are lying. Now thats just one possibility I am thinking of, I am sure there are many other possibilities.

    Anyways welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Allo! Je suis le seul raton laveur ici; je parle mieux anglais que francais. Bienvenu!

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    We have the same ISP (Internet Service Provider), unfortunately they don't release the IP address too often and we are stuck with the same IP for 3-4 months sometimes, which is not safe, so I'm sometimes forced to use another Mac address (I create some by using old network cards I got) on my router to get a new IP address and get onto some websites, I was even forced to use a proxy in the past to get onto some websites because they were blacklisted by my ISP or the websites didn't want anyone from our ISP on their websites (I was on one site that didn't want any people from Quebec to join their website)

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    Bienvenue! Je ne parle pas franšais.

    However, your English seems more than acceptable to me, so I don't see my not speaking French as a problem.

    I've been to Quebec City a few summer it's beautiful with all the trees and winter it's beautiful (okay I was only there for Carnaval) with all the snow and ice! :-D

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    Hey JoJo and welcome! Your spelling and grammar isn't a problem, as long as you try!!

    Another one of our members speaks French as a first language as well, or at least I'm pretty sure it's French.

    Hope you like it here!

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    If the person is refering to who i think he is it is a person who has attempted to evade a ban numerous times and we have very solid proof that the person is a pedophile. I would use extreme caution with this person whoever he is.

    It is slightly possible that he was banned in error, but if its been done 4 times i highly doubt it. Also regardless of the original crime ban evasion is grounds for banning... When someone is banned they are told why and given the opportunity to appeal it to Moo.
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    I understand about this type of thing, its a crime and such people should be banned, but my friend is not the one you would think, or else I've been fooled, since I've never seen my friend in real life so maybe he's not the one he claims to be, who knows, you can be whoever you want on the Internet, and a email address is created in less than 30 seconds.

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