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Thread: Free Year Supply of Diapers

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    Default Free Year Supply of Diapers

    All you do is enter your information at this site. [removed link] FREE Diapers for a Full Year[/url] you will never have to buy diapys again. It auto ships every time you run out of diapys I think?
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    Its a scam similar to the get $500 gift card or what not for completing these offers. The things you have to do to get the stuff is overpriced and the overpaying more than pays for the items you end up getting.

    At one time there were a few similar offers that could be exploited e.g. you wouldn't have to pay too much to get the item, but those mostly disappeared.

    Also thats assuming that you actually get the items promised for completing the offers. Theres a decent chance it will be a complete scam and you get nothing.

    To summarize i wouldn't touch this site or any like it with a 10 foot pole.

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    You sign up for that and let us know how it works out :O

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