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Thread: More diapers

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    Default More diapers

    Should I risk ordering free samples of huggies diapers? If my parents find out I ordered the diapers or see them. They might ground me for 1-2 weeks? Should I order the diapers?

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    No, you shouldn't order them. Jesus doesn't like people who wear diapers, so you should stop so you don't burn in hell.

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    Then fidgeting mollusks will envelop your brain with a viscous slime that will preserve your brain for thousands of years evermore.

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    Are we already up to the point where the guy should just be banned already? I think it may be time to limit out many topics new people can make.

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    And the mollusks will communicate directly with your cranial discharge and discover your eating habits. These will be beamed directly to the mothermollusk, who is just about to be annihilated in under 3 minutes by Metroid.

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    Pellucidly and blatantly will the carnage spew from the porous mothermollusk's protective shell, which didn't protect against super missiles apparently.

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    croc, why would your parents ground you for free samples showing up at your house?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    again interesting

    and why would she ground you

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