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Thread: Do you like wetting your diaper?

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    Question Do you like wetting your diaper?

    Do you like wetting from diaper? Do you think it feels good? Does it help you sleep better? Do you wear them 24/7?

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    Yeah, I guess you could kind of say I like wetting diapers, it does feel alright. However I don't like to just sit around in a wet diaper so I always will change if I think I'm getting anywhere close to leaking. As for sleeping, I don't every go to sleep in a wet diaper, though there's been a few rare occasions that a dry one became wet by morning without my knowledge and that was pretty cool. And no, I don't wear them 24/7.

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    Yes, I enjoy wetting. I dont think it changes the way I sleep..and no, I'm not 24/7.

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    I love wetting disposable diapers. I am still not used to sleeping with diaper althought I love wearing diaper in bed.

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    I don't wear 24/7, but I do love wetting. I have yet to sleep in a wet one however.

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    Yes...More posts for my pleasure...Er, yes I like wetting them. I don't wear 24/7, and I can sleep fine with or without

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    The wet warm feeling is great. Since I have to wear 24/7 I am wet most of the day and night. Not having to get up and go pee or even #2, has allowed me some great quality sleep.

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    I love wetting, I think it adds another level of regression to the 'babyfication process', I don't mind sitting or sleeping in a wet diaper for quite some time either but I do like being changed out of a wet diaper as it makes the process even more intense.


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    love to wet my diaper, as checkingoutall said 'The wet warm feeling is great.' i'm not fully use to sleeping in a diaper yet, so i can't say it helps me sleep better. and i'm not 24/7.

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