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Thread: About Me -Please Read-

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    Smile About Me -Please Read-

    Hi my name is Brandon, but please call me croc. I am a male diaper lover. I wear diapers because I love the warm feeling. I am just getting started with this diaper thing so I need help. Anyways here's where I'll start. How can I get diapers without my parents or anyone knowing? Where can I hide my diapers where no one can find them? Where is the best place to throw them away and how?

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    Welcome to ADISC Brandon Croc

    I'm sure if you have a nose around the forums you'll find quite a few threads that answer all your questions

    Do you want to tell us about any interests outside of diapers? Anything you feel comfortable with sharing, so we can get to know you better

    Anyhoo, good luck!

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    Exclamation More About Me

    I like to talk to other people on the computer. I am good at cooking, computers, arts, and filming. I joined this site because I want to meet other dl like me and make new friends. I also want to learn more about this diaper thing

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    Well you've come to the right place! You'll learn a lot here if get involved in the community, contribute in areas that interest you, or you could check out the Live Chat if you feel up to that You'll also make some good new friends.

    I quite enjoy cooking myself, although I tend not to since my mum is so much better than me

    Quite a few people here are good with computers, check out Computers and Games - ADISC!

    Also, hope you enjoy your time here

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    hello there. Yes the buying, hiding, and disposing are all topics on everyone's mind; and there are many threads with such info. Finding what suits you is helped if you could be more specific about your likes and dislikes; for instance I am of the plastic pant brigade, but most people only seem to like disps.

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    Welcome, Croc to ADISC!

    Take a deep breath.

    Answer a few, If you would:

    How old are you?

    Are you in school?

    If so, what grade are you?

    What are your favorite subjects in school?

    Favorite activities and clubs?

    In other posts/threads you've stated that you haven't had your first diaper, yet in this intro you said you are a male diaper lover and that you love the warm feeling that a wet diaper gives you.

    Frankly I'm just a little confused by this intro and all of your (10) threads and (20) posts so far.

    If I were you I would take (A LOT MORE) time finding out about us at ADISC by reading and taking in what this community and site is really about.

    Then after feel you've got an idea of the culture of ADISC; a real handle on who we are, who you are, and how you'll fit in - ease into being part of things by commenting (posting on others members threads and this kind of thing).

    Later, after we've gotten to know you a little better, by your comments in threads, think it through, and start some meaningful or humorous thread that I might want to participate in. This is ADISC. This is back and forth, give and take. We're all real people with real lives and interests that span the entire spectrum of contemporary existence. Welcome to it.

    The members posting in this comment thread are trying to draw you out find out a little more about YOU other than DIAPER! blah, blah, blah, WET DIAPER!!, blah, blah, blah, POOPIE DIAPER! Blah, blah, blah.
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