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Thread: Any Clever Hiding Places?

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    Talking Any Clever Hiding Places?

    I havent gotten my Own stash yet but the perfect spot I could use for at alot if the False Back part of my Dresser Drawers, I simply pull the Drawer Completely out to the floor and have them faced flat against the inside, then slide the Drawer back in and they are good as hidden. ^^

    2nd Hiding Spot:
    I have many luggage bags stuffed up in my closet and I mean ALOT, which is why I can have some padding hidden in most and bury the bag they are in deep under the pile of junk I got in there!

    3rd Hiding Spot:
    Not under the Mattress, but the Very Hard mattress under it , meaning a false bottom under the bed. it has sort of a webby covering but I got a slight hole in there just for easy storage.

    Whats your method of hiding your stash? :P

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    I hide mine in plain sight, they are locked in a box in my closet.

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    I hide my stash in a trunk, then intern bury that in the closet. My parents don't ever wonder about me. Considering everything is kept at my grandparents place, it is a private matter. They haven't ever approached me about it, either.

    My mom probably has an idea. She knows full-well what I'm into.

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    In an old toy box, in plain sight in my room but not opened by anyone other than me for years.

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    Not so clever since lots of people do it but, In my computer desk i have to file drawers that i can pull out and for some reason there is an obscene about of space left behind the drawers and the back of the desk i can fit two full packs of diapers stacked up top of each other back there.

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    On my butt

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    This seems to be an existing thread. Or am I just too critical?

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