View Poll Results: What size of diapers do you normally buy?

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  • Baby diaper size is enough for me

    9 4.89%
  • Youth size / largest Goodnites/Drynites

    25 13.59%
  • Adult size S (small)

    18 9.78%
  • Adult size M (medium)

    95 51.63%
  • Adult size L (large)

    32 17.39%
  • Larger size than adult size L

    0 0%
  • Other (explain)

    5 2.72%
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Thread: What diaper size do you wear?

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    Default What diaper size do you wear?

    The question is quite simple: When you buy diapers, which size do you normally buy? Just vote in the poll.

    However, to make this discussion more interesting, let's add another dicussion:
    How do you determine which size is right? How do you (personally) determine if a diaper is large (or small) enough for you?


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    I just look at the waist size suggested and go with that, and that gives me Medium.
    I could fit into Small but I prefer a bigger diaper to a smaller one, as long as it fits.

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    When I first started, I got a sampler of Bambino small and a sampler of the medium. Both fit, both were comfy, but in the end, the medium gave me a little more wiggle room, and had room to tape it so that it conformed to my legs better (I'm a cyclist, so my legs a bit larger than I guess might be average) I've been really happy with the mediums ever since.

    To me, the leg fit is really the crucual part, because that's where leaks are going to come from most of the time.

    The other factor is being able to fit under clothes. I almost went with the smalls just so that I could wear them under my regular pants with no signs, whereas there's a bulge with the mediums, but I think it's only really noticeable to people who are looking for it.

    -- James

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    I get medium, I might be able to fit in small ones but the larger sized always have more padding thus making it better. Especially when small and mediums cost exactly the same, most of the time.

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    I buy and wear two different styles of Attends, both of which are intended for petite people. However, they have different names for the size.

    Attends Youth Briefs cat # BRCL1000 were originally called "Adult Small" when I first bought them in 1981. At that time Attends also made "Junior" which were about the size of a current Size 6 and Youth which was just a bit smaller than Small. The current Youth are a classic poly-plastic outer layer with 2 sticky tapes per side. These are for hips from less than (<) 20" to 28+" weight <85 to100+ pounds and height <4'10" to 5'2+" I am 5'3" 104 pounds with 29" hips now and in 1981 my hips were 26"

    Attends Breathable Extra Absorbent Small Briefs cat # BRBX10 fit the same size people.

    I also use slip-in disposable pads.

    For my pinned gauze cloth diapers I use 2 ply 36" square flat gauze from Adult Cloth Diaper Company with ordinary baby Gerber Birdseye perfolds as soaker.

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    I don't think I'd be able to properly fit into any adult diaper.
    But at the same time I can't fit into Huggies 6, either.
    So I usually buy Goodnites L/XL.

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    I wear various sizes depending on my needs at the time. (by the way we should be able to select more than on in the poll.) If I know I will be around others and I'm wearing more tight fitting clothing I can go with baby diapers. If I'm wearing something looser fitting Goonites/UnderJams work for me. If I'm wearing heavier clothing like jeans or windbreaker type pants, (ie:can cover up the crinkle,) I go with small adult diapers. I also wear small when I know I won't be wearing for long and need something less absorbent. If I have time to myself and I know I will be doing some heavy wetting I go with med, because in most cases they are more absorbent than smalls. Right now I have about 15-20 different kinds of diapers so I have the right diaper depending on my needs/mood at the time.

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    I put other because I can fit into the largest size goodnite, however I can also fit into the small depends max and the small/medium walgreens.

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    I wear goodnights but I like to wear a medium breif, I like having more room for inserts if I choose to.

    However in some diapers I like wearing a large, I like that high on the waist look, and there is lots of room for inserts in those.

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    I usually get Medium sized diapers, although when I can't buy anything else I will buy the largest size Boys L/XL Goodnites. Either fits, but I prefer the full size diapers for long periods of time and the Goodnites for a quick thrill.

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