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Thread: Firefighters, EMT's, and LEO's Come In

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    Default Firefighters, EMT's, and LEO's Come In

    After the EMT vs. Cop thread it got me thinking, how many members here are firefighters, EMT's or cops? I just thought it would be an interesting topic, I myself am currently going to school to become a firefighter/paramedic, and will be doing the final part of my EMT-B test next month.

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    I wouldn't mind being a firefighter but I know it's not really for me. I also don't want to be a cop or EMT at all, those job's suck even more then firefighters I think and actually are more risky I bet.

    That said I wouldn't mind stopping a robbery as a regular citizen, and yeah that's risky, but it's the right thing to do and normal average people need to get some balls. I am not saying they don't have them, it's just that we don't use them all that much and we forgot about em. I don't want to rely on the cops for everything. If I can take someone down and unleash some pent up rage in the process then call the cops, that's fine by me.

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    Going to start going to classes to become an EMT-B this year or next(I can take it at my high school as a class.((Two birds with one stone.)) and then take the state's test to get certified and after that I'm going to go to collage for my EMT- Intermediate certification. I'm hoping to be able to work with my cities paramedics!

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    i am currently a Volunteer firefighter have been for going on 6 years now. i love it. Later this year i plan on takeing my EMT-B and eventally my EMT-P so that i can become a paramedic. Cause i think that would be fun..

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    emergency medical technician(EMT) or better known as Ambulance driver.

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    I was an EMT-B at one time. Now I am a nurse, most recently working in the ER.

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    I'm currently doing training for the RNLI (royal national lifeboat institution) if that counts?

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    I had EMT cert for 6 years but haven't renewed. Time issues and now a lack of resolve have kept me from doing it. I still drive when needed, but not tech.

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