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Thread: Moving out!

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    Default Moving out!

    Ok, my mum Has said if I want to move out I can! (Not really that big of a deal!...)

    Whats your expenses where you live?
    How big is your place?

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    Mine is completely free, then again I live in my dad's house. Failure to Launch :P

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    Unless your folks are just untenable, I would try to stay there for a while and work. Without major living expenses you can save some coin while you work and live at home; this allows you to have a nice nest egg for when you are good and ready to move out some months later.

    Moving out can be pretty expensive depending on where you live, and what you do. If you're just gonna surf some guys couch for a bit to live the summer life, then it doesn't cost much at all; however, if you want to get your own place and try to get serious, the monthly expenses can get pretty rough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Do you even have a job or money?
    I get 1000$ from insurance every month till I'm 19 and I can make(Like I will) 2500+ every month at work.

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    Default Moving out!

    :bunny:Glad to hear it Valerye, Most 17 year olds don't have $1000 a month at their disposal, even if you are careful, it will go quick. With good budgeting and realistic (humble) expectations you should be able to swing this.

    The only hang up is you would be under age of consent in my state (to sign a contract, read: rent a house or apartment) unless you are an emancipated minor.

    You'll need to find a place for around $350 with all utilities included. This may be extremely difficult even in this economy. You may need to rent a room with house (kitchen, bathroom, and living room) priviledges. This could be more difficult than living in your own family home, due to differences in lifestyle, expectations and rules. Renting a room, particicularly if it does not have a lockable outside entry door can cause tension in coming and going at odd hours. Most room letting landlords would prefer in and quiet by 10:00PM. You'll want to purchase and install a seperate locking door set ($25) for the door to the room and you will want to keep the key, for privacy and security of your things.

    Rent an apartment and every deadbeat (male or female) will want to move in or hang out there and totally mooch off you. 80% of evictions of young adults are caused by people other than the one paying the bills creating hassles. Police involvement due to disturbing the peace, fights, alcohol and drug busts all arise and are ultimately the renters responsibility. Bummer.

    If you rent a place with other people (Share the expenses) make sure everyone has an equal share of the costs, rent, damage deposit, plus $100 each up front for the first months utilities. Do not sign up for a cell phone contract use a land line. If you have a landline phone make it long distance restricted ($3.00 extra @ month). Each person will need to purchase prepaid calling cards for their own use.


    NO GRACE PERIOD - AT END OF FIRST MONTH, IF THEY DON"T HAVE THEIR $$$ SHARE FOR THE NEXT MONTHS RENT AND UTILITIES, KICK THEM OUT (Put their shit on the side walk or the street and change out the locks). I know it's harsh but people will freeload and rip you off, it's a reality, you must be intolerant or you will be burned. MORE LATER :bunny:

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    All I'm going to say is... don't let people walk all over you because you're young.

    Because they can, and they will.

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    My bills run around $2500 a month. I stayed with my folks from birth to 18 and then age 24 to 34 for the $25 a week rent and saved $70k twards my house. There's no other way I could have my own house now short of Lotto. I tried to do the same favor for a few different kids I took in but they blew it by spending all their money partying.

    I recomend getting out for a while if you can go back just for the learning experence. But living "home" is the way to save a down payment in a house. Buy one while your younger and you won't regret it.

    Best luck on whatever you decide to do.

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    I've never lived alone, but this idea comes to mind. Don't agree to be roommates with someone you don't know much about.

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    well since i dont live alone right now b/c i have roommates i only pay about $500 a month on rent and that pays 1/3rd of power, trash/sewer, gas, water. also we live in a 4 bedroom home. but if i move out by the end of this month and go solo i will be paying about the same for a two bed room house, the i would only have to pay gas/power/rent.

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