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Thread: Know your rights

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    YouTube - BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

    The above video is from an organization called flex your rights, i would advise everyone to watch it because it covers alot of you rights in situations when dealing with the police. It's always good to know what you rights are.(posted in mature topics because some of the aspects of the video deal with drugs)

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    well my nets slow, I'm let it load all the way. But sounds like something worth watching

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    well my nets slow, I'm let it load all the way. But sounds like something worth watching
    I think it makes dealing with the authorities much less nerve racking if you do know your rights.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I always liked the statement of rights in the movie "Bounty Hunter" (starring the late David Carridene). It went "You are under arrest. You have the right to die. If you give up your right to die, you will be imprisioned."

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    That's great if you live in the US. Wonder if there's a canadian version. I dunno if the rights are the same, but I'm not about to take advice from another country's police rights.

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    haha yeah thats a good idea there chillhouse

    I started watching it now, bb in 45 lol

    Well I watched it, good tips
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    I find it funny as hell a former ACLU president condones a video trying to show you how to break the law and not get busted. Freaking PRICELESS.

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    In a semi-related note, I would discourage people from showing their merchandise and allowing a store employee to paw through their purchases.

    Unless it's a membership-type store, there are specific commerce clauses that govern transactions. Nowhere in there does it indicate that a customer must allow an employee open access to the customer's property.

    If a cashier misses a tag on my purchases and I set the door alarm off, I tend to keep moving. If they want to call the police, I would encourage the employees to do so. If they want to detain me outside the store, I would encourage the employees to do so as well--I could benefit from a huge "we fucked up" settlement check.

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