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Thread: Favorite Youtube Video

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    Question Favorite Youtube Video

    Whats your favorite youtube video?

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    YouTube - Stoke pitch invasion

    Possibly the best day of my life so far. This brings back all the emotions. And yeah, it's only a game

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    YouTube - ????????? (The Adventures of Bed-Man)
    : D

    Anyone who's read my journal or has been on the IRC should know this.

    This is a close second. :3

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    I thought I'd seen this before, but the video you linked wasn't the one of which I was thinking. Good to know that there are at least two very cool and collected police officers out there.

    I know folks would disagree with me, but I kind of feel bad for the guy freaking out. He's obviously shaking with rage, and perhaps beginning to lose control completely. I wondered if he'd make it home safely. I kind of think the officer might have felt a little badly for him too--not that he got pulled over and had a shiny new speeding ticket, but because it was becoming apparent that this dude was in a pretty low spot. Felt like the officer was standing there and thinking (as the man ranted) "Damn...must not be much fun being him...seems he's got bigger problems than a speeding ticket."

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    i don't know if i have a favorite but Moon Boy is always high on my non-existent list.

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